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OCRE project publishes call for funding for Earth Observation services

New OCRE call for funding cloud and Earth Observation

The OCRE project has published its final call for funding for Earth Observation services, which is scheduled to close on 10 July 2022.

We encourage the research community to respond with proposals for projects that could greatly benefit from the consumption of these services. Today, researchers across all science disciplines are consuming the Copernicus Earth Observation data from an emerging market of suppliers who are quickly adding context and value to the data and providing bespoke digital services to researchers. OCRE will provide funded services from its catalogue of Earth Observation suppliers to the value of €200,000 (minimum ask is €100,000) to projects awarded, based on their relevance and ability to demonstrate the impact of these services on research activities and outcomes. Proposals will be guided by means of an online form.



Additionally, we remind you that the OCRE Call for Funding for Cloud Services is also open until 7 July 2022, offering the chance to be awarded up to €500,000-worth of cloud infrastructure, platform and software services and drive improved agility and outcomes for your research project.

For further information on all the current OCRE project adoption funding opportunities visit the dedicated page on the OCRE website:

You can also access the webinar recording from 14 April 2022 and download the flyer describing the Funding and Procurement Call.

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