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OCRE Launches Podcast Exploring the Journey of the Project and the Legacy it will Leave Behind

OCRE Legacy podcast

The OCRE Legacy podcast has been launched, with the first episode exploring the initial challenges faced by the project.

The OCRE project, launched in January 2019, has helped to create a single digital market for commercial cloud services in research by implementing framework contracts with suppliers across Europe, and has funded numerous projects in various disciplines to show the impact of commercial cloud and earth observation services on research and development. But to reach these heights, OCRE overcame many hurdles along the way.

As OCRE comes to a close at the end of 2022, join the OCRE Legacy podcast as key members of the H2020 European funded research project speak about the successes, the difficulties of the project, and what the future holds for the project results.

The first episode is available now on Anchor and various other platforms. Listen here:

Episode 1 – Challenges in the Beginning

Join David Heyns (GÉANT), Jakob Tendel (DFN) and Rob Carrillo (Trust-IT Services) as they talk about the initial challenges faced by the OCRE project and how these were overcome.

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