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Applying virtual reality technology to improve body image

BodyInTransits project

Researchers in the BODYinTRANSIT project are studying how Body Transformation Experiences (BTE), or perceptual illusions of body change, can be engineered, to create the illusion of being something different than what they are in reality. For example, illusions of being taller, shorter, wider, or slimmer.

The BODYinTRANSIT project utilizes sensor-based and bodily sensory feedback devices, used in immersive virtual reality, to create Body Transformation Experiences (BTE) to study and engineer perceptual illusions.

This science, like all academic research, relies on reliable high-bandwidth compute resources to run advanced simulations. BODYinTRANSIT researchers benefit from the powerful GÉANT network backbone at their institutions to collaborate in real-time throughout Europe and via the NRENs at partner institutions in other countries and continents.

Submitted by Audrey Gerber

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