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SAVE THE DATE: CLAW 2022, 29-30 November, PSNC, Poznan

CLAW 2022 Crisis Management Workshop

Most of you are probably already enjoying the summer sun in some exotic location/your back garden. But to those among you who are still working (or reading this blog post because you are so keen on crisis management), we want to give you the first glimpse of CLAW 2022.

In person again!

This year, the annual Crisis Management Event for the GÉANT Community will – deo volente – be in person again. We will meet in Poznan at the PSNC headquarters on 29 and 30 November. As always, the event will begin with a keynote about a real life crisis. Over the last years, we’ve heard about the network crisis that was caused by the 9/11 attacks, an averted airplane crash and the drought crisis of the summer of 2019. Watch this space for our forthcoming announcement about this year’s keynote!

Improve your skills

After the keynote, you will be able to choose from three parallel workshops. Dealing with the Media, trainer Lodewijk van Wendel de Joode will prepare you for questions from the press and how to stay calm in front of a camera, or you could choose Leadership in Crisis from trainer Marthe Huibers. This training was a big hit during the last CLAW in presence. During this training, we will discuss how leadership roles and responsibilities can shift during a crisis. Lastly, you could get back to basics with How to Make a Good Crisis Analysis. It sounds so simple, but this is one of the hardest things to get right. Trainer Wouter Beijersbergen van Henegouwen will go through the steps  – and missteps – to make sure you don’t just rush into action/get extreme tunnel vision/ panic and start flailing about wildly when a crisis hits.

Survive the crisis exercise

The first day will end with a crisis management sharing session, so please bring along your crisis management procedures to show and tell and/or your questions and doubts to get input for your organisation. During the working dinner in the evening, you will have time to meet your crisis exercise team and start strategising, because on the second day you will have to survive the annual CLAW Crisis Exercise. Will you be able to use all that you’ve learned to rescue the Guilder Kingdom from another crisis?

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