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A Community of Cyber Heroes, the international 2022 Cybersecurity Month campaign for the GÉANT community: a review

GÉANT CSM2022 - A Community of Cyber Heroes

The main objective of CSM22 was to increase knowledge and awareness of cybersecurity in the broad international R&E community by providing its members and users with targeted content and useful tools for the fight against cybercrime.

Also this year’s campaign was created and coordinated by a core cross-NREN team including communications and security experts from BelnetGÉANTMARnet and SURF, under the auspices of Work Package 8 on Security within the GÉANT GN4-3 project.

A Community of Cyber Heroes included a programme of webinars held by security experts from industry and the wider GÉANT community, but the campaign featured something new and special this year: the collaboration with RedCLARA, the Latin American space for collaboration and development in education, science and innovation giving CSM22 a truly global dimension. This collaboration included contributions from Latin American NRENs, the participation as a webinar speaker by Emilio Nakamura CISO from RNP, the Brazilian NREN and, most importantly, the availability of live interpretation services in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

The online live events were very well-attended and generated great discussions on the topics presented: from the consideration that crime, rather than technology, is the dominant factor in cybercrime to the simplification of the MFA process in universities and research institutions and a panoramic look at opportunities for cooperation to strengthen the security and privacy culture in Latin America.

The campaign content was varied, informative and comprehensive, including articles, interviews, opinion pieces, tips and technical papers, and targeted a different audience group each week in October: decision makers, cybersecurity professionals, home workers, students and researchers.

Here’s the campaign in numbers:

  • 25 NRENs and RRENs joined the campaign
  • 17 NRENs contributed with articles, blog posts, videos
  • 45 articles and blog posts on CONNECT
  • 169 original tweets

Rosanna Norman, Communications Officer from GÉANT said: ‘We are grateful to all organisations who took part and promoted the campaign in their countries. We want to remind our readers to keep visiting our CSM2022 pages and make the most of all the available content to help them raise cybersecurity awareness within their constituencies and become stronger in the fight against cybercrime. I would also like to take the opportunity to give special recognition to Davina Luyten from Belnet who led the campaign coordination efficiently and effortlessly, and to the team members and colleagues Charlie van Genuchten from SURF, Zoran Zdravev from MARnet and Leonardo Marino from GÉANT.’

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