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GÉANT Managed Wavelength Service now in production

As a result of the ongoing GN4-3N network project, the new GÉANT Managed Wavelength Service is now in full production as the first new network service delivered in GN5-1.

The GÉANT Managed Wavelength service provides dedicated, transparent connectivity between any two GÉANT PoPs on the dark fibre network. The service is typically of benefit to those users having extreme networking demands, for example large-scale research projects that need to transfer huge amounts of data between sites via a dedicated (guaranteed capacity) secure connection.  The GÉANT Managed Wavelength service is delivered using Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) and open line system equipment over the GÉANT backbone network. This approach provides enhanced performance and low cost high-capacity services. Services are provided using permanently allocated end-to-end capacity to provide assured performance.

The service replaces the previous Lambda service and now provides up to 400Gbps services across the new open line system implemented for GN4-3N.

The new network dramatically reduces the costs of providing such ultra-high speed services and will increase the ability for trans-European collaborations in areas such as HPC services and advanced research.

“We’re delighted to be able to deliver these new and innovative services across the GÉANT network and I’d like to thank all the teams for all their hard work in delivering both GN4-3N and this service in particular.” Craig Volp, Network Product Manager, GÉANT.

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