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2023 Internet2 Community Exchange

Join your peers for the 2023 Internet2 Community Exchange – a conference experience designed to offer discussions, learning opportunities, and networking time akin to those found at a pre-pandemic Global Summit event.

The event will enable attendees to share perspectives, shape policy, and influence the development of services and infrastructures that support the research and education (R&E) community, with an intentional focus on broadening the participation of, and engagement with, emerging leaders and rising professionals across a more diverse set of institutions and organizations.

The annual event brings together a diverse and broad set of people representing the R&E community, including:

  • CIOs and campus leadership across multiple types of institutions
  • Advanced technology administrators
  • Faculty, researchers, campus practitioners, and other academic leaders

The event features multiple days of collaboration, workshops, tutorials, and inspiring keynotes. Digital transformation, security, accessibility, and collaborative projects are just some of the key issues and topics we’ll explore together.

GÉANT’s Senior Research Engagement Officer, Domenico Vicinanza, and Head of International Relations, Tom Fryer, are among the speakers this year, presenting on “Yellowstone’s Geysers Chamber Music” and “Navigating the Future of Intercontinental Connectivity,” respectively.

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