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New members for GÉANT Project Planning Committee

At the recent (21 March) General Assembly (GA) meeting, six members were elected or re-elected to the GÉANT Project Planning Committee (GPPC) – the body of NREN representatives which oversees and guides the planning and submission of proposals that the GÉANT Association engages in.

  • Matthew Dovey, Jisc: previously a member of the GPPC, Matthew was elected to the position of Chair. He is head of e-Infrastructure Strategy at Jisc and over the past decade has been heavily involved in European e-infrastructures and EC projects.
  • Bartosz Belter, PSNC: with over 20 years’ experience in telecoms and computer science, Bartosz is an experienced leader of network and cloud related EC projects and has been active in GÉANT projects since GN2.
  • Fabio Farina, GARR: having completed his PhD on the computing model for the LHC CMS experiment, Fabio has been with GARR since 2010 working on cloud-based, above-the-net application services for the GÉANT community.
  • Jan Meijer, Sikt: as international strategy advisor for Sikt’s data and infrastructure division and a long-term contributor to the GÉANT community, Jan is an innovation evangelist and has held leadership numerous leadership positions, most recently around GÉANT cloud activities.
  • Kostas Koumantaros, GRNet: currently serving as the head of the Strategy and Proposals Unit of the Directorate of European and International Infrastructure Projects, Kostas has been with GRNet for over 20 years and has served on many EC funded projects in the area of e-infrastructure services.
  • Harold Teunissen, SURF: a business owner and innovation leader, Harold currently serves as Director Network & Campus at SURF. He has also held various leadership positions at SURF and has led initiatives in areas such as (campus) networking, cloud services, security, middleware, education services and identity management.

Matthew Scott, Chief Programmes Officer and GPPC Co-Chair commented, “On behalf of the community, we would like to welcome our new members and take the opportunity to thank our existing members for their continued excellent service towards the success and further evolution of the GÉANT Projects.”

The members of the GPPC are:

  • Matthew Dovey (Jisc), Chair
  • Matthew Scott (GÉANT), Co-Chair
  • George Konnis (CYNET), Board Liaison
  • Ramaz Kvatadze (GRENA)
  • Leonie Schäfer (DFN)
  • Bartosz Belter (PSNC)
  • Fabio Farina (GARR)
  • Jan Meijer (Sikt)
  • Kostas Koumantaros (GRNET)
  • Harold Teunissen (SURF)
  • Ex Officio: Tryfon Chiotis, Bridget Hannigan (GÉANT PMO)


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