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e-Culture Award 2023: Claudio Allocchio and GARR awarded by Anilla Cultural

This article was originally posted on GARR’s website.

Claudio Allocchio, Senior Technical Officer of GARR, was awarded for the second time with the e-Culture Award, a recognition for the important collaborative and co-creative work in advanced Internet networks in the cultural field in art, science, technology and society.

Allocchio receives the prize included in the “Acknowledgements” category for his commitment to contribute to the “Global Crusade: e-Culture for all” initiative aimed at spreading the values ​​of human and technological networking.

The award was presented on May 4, on the occasion of the Anilla Cultural online award ceremony.

On this occasion, in addition to the “Pioneers” categories, for those who have contributed to the improvement of society and “Thanks” for contributions and support to projects and programs of Anilla Cultural UY and its global networks, the special section dedicated to “Future Projects” has been created. This prize was awarded to GARR as a whole for the numerous collaborations made with the Anilla association over the past 10 years.

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