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Navigating the Security Landscape: Insights from the hybrid SIG-ISM Meeting

On May 3 and 4, the first face-to-face SIG-ISM meeting after COVID-19 took place in Trondheim, Norway and online, thanks to a hybrid model. 9 participants had the chance to shake each other’s hands, while 18 joined in online.

This Spring SIS-ISM meeting focused on the Security Roadmap for GÉANT and NRENS and on the “Where are we now?” regarding current risk and threat landscape.

The meeting featured presentations on security monitoring of the threat landscape, with sharing of tools and mechanisms to scan, search, filter and “check out” threats, specific to detect suspicious “fingerprints”. Cyber Threat Intelligence sharing agreements, subject thoughts and summaries were shared, as well as GN5-1 WP8 T3 activities.

F2f participants at SIG-ISM in Trondheim, Norway

Participants were invited to give input on the threat landscape and discuss what data can be shared within the sector.

The NIS2 directives and how to prepare for it, as well as the European Union’s upcoming security challenges, such as CER – (Critical Entities Resilience Directive) and CRA (European Cyber Resilience Act) implementation were themes on the table. To help prepare for NIS2, GÉANT Security Baseline and international security standards were recommended.

Christo Butcher, from FOX IT, gave an online presentation on Security intelligence operations, focusing on operating models and lessons learned from over 20 years of running successful security operations, helping others in their threat blocking design and setup, and passing through valuable tips on prevention, detection, and response to security issues.

Finally, the meeting also featured an AI-based security observation presentation and demo based on ChatGPT. The final note left was about the recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically in chatbot models like ChatGPT, which have been making headlines and articles in the media for months, due to the widespread adoption by the public. Experts reveal concerns about AI implications for the future, security and ethical concerns regarding model training and the need for regulation in the usage of these new technologies.

Later this year SIG-ISM will meet again and we’re looking for a location, could your NREN be the next host for a SIG-ISM meeting, after Summer? 

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