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2022 Compendium Report Published

The 2022 GÉANT Compendium of National Research and Education Networks in Europe Report has been published on 22 June and the digital version released on the GÉANT website. For a second year, there has been a phenomenal response rate to the Compendium Survey, with 40 European NRENs devoting time in late 2022 to complete the annual Survey. These responses, along with extra information from surveys carried out by TF-EDU, OCRE, REFEDS, and other teams within GÉANT and across the NREN community form the basis of the 2022 Compendium Report.  Extra thanks is also extended to Nataša Glavor (CARNET), János Mohácsi (KIFÜ), and Hank Nussbacher (IUCC) for their work on the Compendium Advisory Board, which steers and supports the creation of the Compendium.

The Report provides insights into NREN organisations, including their budget, funding sources, and staffing – and also takes a look at the variety of governance models among NRENs and how this affects their funding structures. Further, the Report looks at the NRENs’ end users (with a new section on the burgeoning activity in the digital health sector), their networks, security, cloud, education, and trust & identity services. In all these areas, preexisting trends continued or resumed after temporary setbacks during the COVID-19 pandemic. The latter is especially pronounced in the increase of network traffic, which is now at an all-time high. Another remarkable trend is the continuing increase in the use of cloud services, feeding into the success story of the IaaS frameworks.

The full compendium report together with previous reports can be downloaded from

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