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GÉANT CSM23 Webinar – Cybersecurity for universities, current threats in the security landscape – 5 October 2023

GÉANT CSM23 Webinar –Cybersecurity for universities, current threats in the security landscape

– 15:00 – 16:00 CEST | Speaker: Kieren Lovell, Head of IT Security at BetVictor

We are excited to kick off our programme of webinars for our 2023 Cybersecurity Month campaign with a presentation on some of the major cyber threats that universities are currently facing.

Universities are brimming with intellectual prowess. Among their ranks, they have world-class security researchers, renowned information security experts, and budding professionals ready to disrupt the cybersecurity landscape. Yet, many institutions are looking outside for solutions and spending substantial amounts on third-party services, often overlooking the potential of their own in-house expertise.

  • Cost-Effective solutions: working with internal resources can significantly reduce expenses. Instead of outsourcing, universities can fund internal research projects or initiatives, which in turn can provide practical solutions at a fraction of the cost.
  • Skill Development: engaging internal talent in practical projects ensures they’re continually honing their skills. This creates an ecosystem of learning and application, benefiting both the students and faculty.
  • Real-world Application: universities are microcosms of larger societies. Addressing their own security concerns can serve as a case study or blueprint for broader applications, making their research more relevant and applied.
  • Strengthened Reputation: by showcasing successful projects handled by their own researchers, universities can bolster their reputation in the cybersecurity domain, attracting further talent and partnerships. This presentation will show the threats we are faced with and also how to transform your cybersecurity strategy.

Mainly aimed at: Professionals working in the security department of Research and Education organisations, both at the operational (security analysts, incident managers, etc.) and strategic (CISO) level.

Thanks to our collaboration with RedCLARA, live interpretation services will be available for all our CSM webinars also this year in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

About Kieren Lovell

Kieren Lovell
Kieren Lovell

Kieren is a cybersecurity professional, who originally served for the Royal Navy on nuclear submarines and minehunters. He then left to work with the Royal Norwegian Navy, and served on operations for Standing NATO Maritime Group One. After that, he became the Head of Computer Emergency Response for the University of Cambridge, the biggest digital private network in Europe. He was a supervisor and Lecturer for the International Programme at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge and Tallinn University of Technology, a mentor at Startup Wise Guys for Cyber and SaaS, the Chief Operating Officer at SensusQ (an AI Command, Control and Communications Platform) and the Head of Information Security for Pipedrive. Kieren now lives in Gibraltar, and is the Head of IT Security at BetVictor.

Also this year GÉANT joins the European Cyber Security Month, with the campaign ‘Become A Cyber Hero‘. Read articles from cyber security experts within our community and download resources from our awareness package on

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