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GÉANT, RENU and the UbuntuNet Alliance agree to work towards implementing InAcademia in Uganda and the wider African Region

GÉANT, the collaboration of European National Research and Education Networks, RENU, the not-for-profit Research and Education network for Uganda and the UbuntuNet Alliance the eastern and southern African RREN, are delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to work towards enabling InAcademia, the on-line, real-time, secure student validation services in the region.

The InAcademia service has been operating in the European region for the past 3 years and provides online student validation for over 13 million students in 12 countries.  This MOU will extend InAcademia into Africa for the first time and demonstrates the power of the NREN community working together around the world to support research and education.

GEANT and the Ubuntunet Alliance have been partners for a long time. We are therefore happy to share InAcademia with them and with RENU. We are excited to work with RENU to explore models for implementation of InAcademia with the same spirit of enthusiasm and collaboration to offer a secure, real-time, validation facility which would enable students to protect their privacy when accessing services and special student pricing from online retailers in Uganda.”  Erik Huizer, CEO, GÉANT


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