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Building sustainable futures: insights from the EaPConnect Project meeting

Group photo
EaPConnect project meeting participants, Yerevan

The EaPConnect Project team meeting, held in Yerevan on October 3-4, 2023, and hosted by ASNET-AM, the Armenian NREN, brought together partners from across the Eastern Partnership (EaP) region. Attendees included representatives from GRENA (Georgia), RENAM (Moldova), members of the EaPConnect technical committee and project team. The hybrid format allowed participation and contributions by project beneficiaries such as URAN (Ukraine), given the ongoing Russian invasion conflict, and project partners such as PSNC (Poland). The meeting also marked the first participation of Zenon Mousmoulas from GRNET (Greece) who joined the project team earlier this year, Zenon shared insights on the Greek NREN’s significant contributions to sustainability.

Irina Matthews, Project Manager of EaPConnect, opened the event: “This meeting will give us the opportunity to explore aspects that contribute to the sustainability of NRENs. Sustainability is a paramount concern, particularly as EaP beneficiary partners transition into full-fledged members of GÉANT when the project concludes in July 2025.” The central questions addressed were: How can NRENs be made sustainable? What drivers for change need to be identified?

Irina went on to emphasise the importance of creating a forward-looking perspective, aligning national strategies with broader EU initiatives, and understanding the impact of Open Science on research and education communities, while also considering the role NRENs play in supporting these transformations.

Read the full article on the EaPConnect Project website.
The EaPConnect project is funded under the EU4Digital initiative of the European Union.

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