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GÉANT Security Days, Prague, 9-11 April 2024 –

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GÉANT Security Days

We are delighted to announce that the first edition of our conference GÉANT Security Days will take place on 9-11 April in Prague.

The event, by facilitating the exchange of insights, threat intelligence and best practices, strives to bridge divides and nurture connections among cybersecurity experts and individuals with an interest in security from across the international R&E community and beyond. NRENs play a pivotal role in facilitating knowledge development, not only by securing organisational infrastructures, but by safeguarding and nurturing the R&E community along with the knowledge it generates. The evolving landscape of services and the increasing intricacies of R&E networks demand elevated security standards. As cyber threats to universities grow in sophistication, also driven by the expanding use of AI in cybersecurity, and as compliance with new international regulations introduces distinct challenges for different NRENs, the need for enhanced security is paramount. GÉANT Security Days aspires to shed light on various dimensions of security, uniting diverse stakeholders with the shared objective of fortifying the foundation of future knowledge.

Who should participate?
CISOs, security strategists, coordinators of CSIRT teams, developers of security services, security management professionals, incident responders and the visionary leaders within the security realm.

We will be inviting the R&E community to submit contributions and ideas, questions and challenges for talks, panels and meetings. The call for proposals will open on 1 December 2023 and close on 19 January 2024, so whether you already have an idea for a roundtable or want to talk about a security topic that is very close to your heart, we will want to hear from you.

Stay tuned for more news about GÉANT Security Days and make sure you mark your calendars and!

For further information about GÉANT Security Days, visit our Security Website and contact:

We look forward to seeing you in Prague! 

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