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SIG-NGN to meet virtually, register now! – December 7, 2023

The next meeting of the Special Interest Group on Next Generation Networks will be held online on December 7, 2023.

What is the theme?

The theme of this meeting is ‘Performance Engineering the Research Network for Science’. A core mission of research and education networks is to deliver the extreme performance required by science applications, and to deliver this performance worldwide. Research domains increasingly depend on networks’ acquisition of data from large-scale research instruments as well as for analysis and scientific discovery. During the meeting, there will be presentations and discussions regarding strategies and methods for exploiting these measurements to engineer our networks for the best possible performance. The focus will be on the data and computing workflows from research applications and instruments, as well as the observed behaviour of traffic on the networks.

The meeting is open for anyone interested in the topics to attend.

Register here!

Take a look at the detailed agenda here:


The Special Interest Group on Next Generation Networks (SIG-NGN) facilitates an open forum where experts from the R&E community, vendors and experts come together to exchange information, knowledge, ideas and best practices about specific technical or other areas of business relevant to the advancement of the research and education networking community. For more information take a look at our designated SIG-NGN page on our community website: 

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