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Gender Equality Unplugged: a Challenge to NRENs

At the GÉANT Symposium last week I invited the participants to play a game of True of False with me.  The presentation asked people to consider various different statements about gender equality and make a simple decision – were they true or false?  The statements had quite an impact on the audience, and you can still play along by clicking on the presentation below and testing your knowledge.  More importantly, these facts are designed to highlight how far we still have to go to achieve gender equality, and how important it is for us as NRENs to keep working and supporting this vital aim.

At the end of my presentation, I highlighted the work that GÉANT is currently supporting to create a set of Gender Equality Principles that we will invite NRENs to endorse, and that we hope to form a community project around so that we can collaborate together on actions, campaigns and outputs to support diversity within our community and our organisations.  If you would like to know more about the plans for these principles, how you can endorse them and how you can get involved please do not hesitate to reach out.

Gender Equality Unplugged by Nicole Harris


You can look at the sources for the statistics used in this presentation at the following links:


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