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Trust & Identity Incubator Mentorship programme returns for 2024

The Trust and Identity Incubator Mentorship Programme (TIM) is back for 2024! This successful initiative brings together the brightest young minds and industry experts to create innovative solutions for the Trust and Identity field. The programme is a great opportunity to attract and retain talent in the Trust and Identity field.

Application deadline: 27 March 2024

Get paid while you study

The Trust and Identity Incubator Mentorship Programme is a seven month internship/work placement funded by the GÉANT GN5-1 project. It is hosted by a local NREN and offers students the chance to get paid while they study. The placement will be a maximum of three days per week and can be combined with thesis-writing. Both the student and local mentor will receive payment for their participation.

Learn from the best in the field

Students will develop their project under the guidance of the GÉANT T&I Incubator experts and a local mentor during the Incubator’s seven month development cycle. They may select a project of their own choice, or from a range of innovative concepts, products and services proposed by the T&I Incubator team.

Access the future of T&I talent

This programme has been successful in attracting future talent to our community and supports the development of local expertise in Trust and Identity.

Students will be provided with hands-on experience with experts in their field and exciting networking opportunities, alongside developing valuable skills throughout the process. This internship offers the flexibility of part-time work and can be combined with thesis-writing.

Access new opportunities

2023 has built upon the success of the programme by supporting and inspiring three students to work with community experts. The participants engaged with the research and had the opportunity to travel to the TIIME Unconference in Copenhagen to present to specialists and peers.   

The programme’s innovative research developments have made a valuable contribution to the community.

Improves Credentials!

GLAD supports the students throughout the programme with a variety of training opportunities. GLAD delivers training in public speaking, Agile software development and SCRUM. Students also receive professional presentation training to support them to showcase their research to an expert audience.

Hear from a previous student

Aleksandr Petrunin from TIM 23: “I have been actively involved in a project titled ‘Automation of deployment and configuration of the initial set of SPs for new federations’. This project has provided me with a unique opportunity to delve into the complexities of automation and configuration management, contributing significantly to my professional growth.

One aspect that stood out for me was the fact I was constantly pushing my limits, solving real-world problems and diving deeper into practice I couldn’t imagine. My academic background in Applied Computer Science has been instrumental in shaping my approach to the project.

The programme has honed my time management abilities, requiring me to efficiently allocate resources. Collaborative spirit within the incubator fostered effective communication and teamwork, refining my interpersonal skills. Problem-solving became second nature as I navigated through real-world challenges, fostering adaptability and critical thinking. The exposure to diverse tasks and technologies has broadened my skill set, providing a solid foundation for future pursuits. Overall, the TIM programme has not only equipped me with technical expertise, but has also cultivated a range of transferable skills crucial for success in any professional setting.”

TIM needs you!

The TIM Programme is open to final year students or recent graduates with experience or a passion for Trust and Identity.  They will be Bachelors, Masters or PhD level students in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering or other technology-related fields.

Participants must be nominated and registered by a GÉANT NREN partner.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to develop your T&I expertise.

Visit the TIM wiki page for more information: 

To discover how the TIM programme can benefit your organisation in 2024 contact:

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