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Academic Security Operations Center – the ASOC Project

ASOC Cyber Defense

The ASOC project aims to investigate rapid and automated information exchange of security information, IOCs, rules, SOAR workflows, use cases, playbooks and knowledge in an academic context. This joint approach supports Austrian universities in their task of protecting their digital infrastructure, making optimal use of synergy effects and significantly increasing cybersecurity, as well as developing proactive measures, attack detection and countermeasures for all participants.

The project deals with the conception of a federated academic SOC based on open-source technologies to maintain digital sovereignty, with the development of a corresponding maturity model for universities, with clarification of legal and social issues of an academic SOC. The project will set a laboratory environment for testing the methods and solutions, planning further use in research, training and teaching. 

In a further step, we would like to examine this common approach at the European level together with the university stakeholders in the individual member states.



Submitted by Alexander Szönyi, SBA Research

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