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Connecting Communities: launch of the new Belnet website!

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new Belnet website, marking a significant step forward in our drive to personalise and enhance the user experience.

On 29 February, we are unveiling not only a brand new website, but also a completely redesigned graphic universe that better reflects our commitment to innovation and our various communities.

Goodbye “Dedicated Connectivity”, a slogan that focused on the technical aspects of our business. We’re now moving towards “Connecting Communities” to emphasise our global impact on our communities. This new tagline embodies our commitment to go beyond simply providing connectivity, while recognising that network excellence remains the central pillar of our mission. However, we also aim to foster relationships and interactions within the communities we serve.

Read more at and find the new Belnet logo at:

Discover the new Belnet website:

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