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New Compendium website released with 2023 data

The new GÉANT Compendium of NRENs website was officially launched yesterday (5 March 2024) during the SIG Marcomms meeting in Ljubljana.

The website, which has been undergoing a full rebuild for over a year, is now accessible to users who want to explore the results of the most recent, and past, Compendium surveys.

Visitors to the new site have the option to view past Compendium Reports, for now, via a link back to the GÉANT Resources site, to get an idea of the big trends sweeping the European NREN landscape, or to follow the Compendium Data path to access the results of each individual question asked in the Survey.

Results can be filtered by NREN and/or year, to provide a custom view for each visitor. The site remembers these choices as the visitor navigates between questions, and users have the option to download the responses in CSV, Excel, or a variety of image formats.

It is hoped that the new Compendium website will be the trusted home of information about Europe’s NRENs for many years to come: a true “one stop shop” for NRENs, the EC, funders, researchers, and all other stakeholders.

Whether your interest is in the ways NRENs are funded, finding links to their policies, understanding who they connect and serve, the growth in network automation, and many more topics besides, visit the new website at:

Happy exploring!

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