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CONNECT46 is now live!


The latest issue of the CONNECT Magazine is fresh off the print and ready for you at the GÉANT booth at TNC24!

If you prefer to read the digital copy, you can find it here.

For CONNECT46, we put together a wide range of articles from across the GÉANT community on many different topics, such as:

  • Spotlight on TNC24, including an interview with keynote speakers Paul Iske, Professor at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University and also founder of the “Institute for Brilliant Failures”, and Dr Nataliya Kosmyna from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a focus on the Future Talent Programme 2024 edition, the journey of Katarina Simonovic, participant of the Emerging NREN Programme in 2023, and of course the GÉANT Community Award!
  • A feature on CERN’s science collaborations that use LHCONE and an interview with Enrica Porcari, Head of International Technology at CERN;
  • Intercontinental connectivity with the GN5-IC1 project.

And plenty of other precious contributions from our NREN partners and our TNC24 partners on education, connectivity, innovation, Quantum, International Strategy, digital public services, security, and much more! Our thanks to all of you who contributed to this issue.

All we can do now is… get to reading! Enjoy the issue, and if you’re at TNC24, drop by the GÉANT booth in the Exhibition Area of Level 0 for your own copy!

If you wish to see previous issues, visit our CONNECT Magazine page.

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