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TF-EDU at TNC24: Strategic insights, cutting-edge trends, and practical wisdom in educational delivery

Picture taken during the TF-EDU side meeting at TNC24

Words: Evelien Renders (EUNIS/SURF) and Gill Ferrell (EUNIS/1EdTech)

Gill Ferrell (left) and Evelien Renders (right) at the TF-EDU meeting

TF-EDU, the Task Force on Educational Services and Activities, hosted their 13th meeting alongside TNC24 in Rennes on 10 June 2024. An inspiring prelude to the conference, the meeting brought together 45 experts from NRENs, educational institutions, and international organisations. The picturesque setting of the former 14th century convent added to the collaborative spirit of the day.

The workshop began with a warm welcome from Erik Kikkenborg (NORDUnet) and Gyongyi Horvath (GÉANT), who introduced the agenda and the overarching themes of strategic opportunities and practical challenges in educational delivery.

Survey Insights and Interoperability Challenges

Dragana Kupres (CARNET) kicked off with the latest findings from the 5th annual NREN educational services survey. The results highlighted the expanding global scope and current trends, setting the stage for discussions on standardisation and interoperability in educational ecosystems.

Gill Ferrell (1EdTech) and Peter Leijnse (SURF) then led an interactive session exploring the benefits and challenges of interoperability. Participants engaged in lively discussions on the pressing use cases and the critical role NRENs play in these processes. A memorable highlight was their humorous comparison of European University Alliances to the indomitable village in Asterix and Obelix, prompting attendees to seek their own “magic potion” for success.

National and EU Synergies

Evelien Renders (SURF) took us through the innovative Digivisio and Npulse projects, showcasing the synergy between national initiatives and EU infrastructure. She also presented the draft reference architecture of the European University Alliances, sparking insightful discussions on future collaborative opportunities.

Trust, Identity, and Standards

The afternoon sessions delved into Trust & Identity, with Christos Kannelopoulos (GÉANT) and Stefan Liström (SUNET) discussing foundational services like MyAcademicID and Edu Wallets. This was followed by updates on educational standards and badges from Peter Leijnse (SURF) and Xavi Aracil (1EdTech).

Reflections and Future Directions

The workshop concluded with reflections led by Evelien Renders and Gill Ferrell, summarising key points and action plans. Tomi Dolenc (ARNES) wrapped up with an invitation to the autumn TF-EDU meeting, ensuring the momentum continues.

Looking Ahead

The TF-EDU workshop was a significant step in developing a forward-looking roadmap for the education sector, highlighting the importance of collaboration and innovation. For those who could not attend presentations are available on the wiki page.

See you at the next event on 9 October in Barcelona, Spain or online!


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