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The Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast – Episode 95: Simone Spinelli

Simone Spinelli - The Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast

Simone Spinelli, network architect at GÉANT, was featured as a guest in Episode 95 of The Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast, where he recounted his career journey, from his academic roots at the University of Pisa to his role at GÉANT in the Netherlands.

Throughout the podcast, Simone explained the difference between users and customers, the importance of community, his transition from network engineer to network architect at GÉANT, and the challenges of network automation and optimisation.

Listen to the episode:


About The Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast

The Imposter Syndrome Network (ISN) is a community of professionals who come together to share information and advice about jobs, roles, careers, and the journeys we all take throughout our lives as the designers, builders, fixers, investigators, explainers, and protectors of the world’s technology. The goal of the ISN podcast is to shine a light on the myriad ways people can apply their passion for technology and to encourage others to pursue their own tech-related passions, no matter what.

ISN Podcast guests included members of the research and education networking community as Chris Cummings and Nick Buraglio, as well as internet pioneers like Vint Cerf.

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