In Memory – Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

We at GÉANT are shocked and saddened by the untimely passing of Sarah Jones.

A warm, friendly, and engaging person with a wonderful smile, she was a trusted colleague and a close friend to many.

Sarah joined GÉANT in July 2020 from the Digital Curation Centre in Glasgow, where she was the DCC’s Associate Director and a highly valued colleague and friend. Sarah quickly found a home at GÉANT as our EOSC Engagement Manager and became an integral part of our team.

Sarah was well known in the GÉANT community and beyond, with a long involvement in the fields of data management, data policy, FAIR data, Open Science, and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). She worked on various EC-funded projects, co-chaired many working groups including the EC’s FAIR data expert group, held the role of EOSC Executive Board member and chair of the EOSC Fair Working Group, and most recently sat on the EOSC Association Board of Directors. Earlier this year, Sarah was also elected to the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Council.

Sarah had such global reach through her career, and we know you are all as shocked and saddened as we are.

If you wish to share a tribute or memory of Sarah, you are welcome to do so by commenting below.


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  • Sarah was such a warm and positive person with such a passion for European cooperation and FAIR data for all in research. She was such a fun and insightful colleague and will be so very missed. We are shocked by her untimely passing and our thoughts are with her family, friends and colleagues.

  • I am shocked by the news of Sarah’s untimely passing.

    Sarah was a beloved and deeply respected colleague and a champion of Open Science, especially of FAIR data. It is impossible to name all of her contributions to the field. From a Danish perspective, “Turning FAIR into reality” from 2018 is an important and lasting contribution that inspired many of our national initiatives, not least the national FAIR Strategy from 2021. Sarah came to Denmark on several occasions and gave inspiring talks. I remember vividly her presentations at the closing workshop of our “FAIR across disciplines” project in 2018 in Copenhagen and at the DeiC conference 2021 – and of course the dinners with colleagues afterwards. So fond memories!

    Sarah was warm and kind, she had the most beautiful smile and a contagious laughter. I loved talking with her and would always take some great insights from our conversations.

    I will miss her.

  • It is with profound sorrow and heavy heart that I learnt the devastating news of the passing of Sarah Jones.
    On behalf of the EGI Foundation, I extend my deepest sympathy to her family, friends, and colleagues during this difficult time.
    Sarah’s passion for Open Science and her profound impact on our community as a whole was evident through her relentless efforts as a board member of the EOSC Association and her pivotal role in various international initiatives promoting data management and Open Science.
    Beyond her exceptional professional achievements, Sarah’s warmth, empathy, and innate ability to forge genuine connections with people around the globe resonated deeply with all who knew her. Her ability to challenge conventional thinking and foster meaningful dialogue was a testament to her remarkable spirit.
    Sarah’s legacy will endure in those she inspired, personally and professionally.

  • Since I first met Sarah I can say that I could really feel the warmth and positiveness that she was always bringing to any meeting, discussion, one to one interaction. I really felt being with an old friend from school, where you can talk about anything (work or personal). Sarah, I am going to miss you in our next EOSC-related meetings. Take care wherever you are, and continue being as you were.

  • Oh what a horrible thing. I didn’t get to work much with Sara but I could see the bright path of the wonderful things she did for the community. My thoughts are with her GÉANT family who have lost a colleague and a friend.

  • Dearest Sarah, all of us that ever met you and had a chance to enjoy your presence, we were blessed with your wisdom, your brilliance and your warm personality. We will all remember and endlessly miss you… Safe travel Sarah to some better places….

  • Terrible news. I recall many happy conversations with Sarah whilst I worked at GÉANT.
    My condolences to all her family, friends and colleagues.

  • I only knew Sarah for a relatively short period of time, but she was so many things at once. A competitor and then a collaborator in various projects. An adviser, but also an open mind to take input and advice. An asker of awkward questions! Yet at the same time someone that made an honest attempt to address the hard, complex topics our work raised. She had a great laugh and a warm smile, and always had time when others asked for help.

    I first met her in Budapest in 2019 for the EOSC Symposium, and first really talked to her in a chaotic, noisy bar in the city many of us ended up in after the sessions. She was smiling and joking, but also still talking about the work, and how to push open research and FAIR data! I think I will try and remember her that way.

  • I am still processing this incredibly sad news, but wanted to send my condolences to her family, friends and colleagues. Sarah was bright and enthusiastic, and so very warm. From the first time I met her I considered her a role model – someone to look up to, somebody to aspire to be like. I am so shocked she wont be around anymore, but I will never forget her.

  • I was very sad to hear about Sarah’s passing this morning. I will remember Sarah as a very warm and welcoming person with an open and honest heart, a marvel of a human being and a respected colleague in EOSC. Only very few people can engage communities like Sarah did.

    You will be dearly missed. My heartfelt condolences to her family, friends and all acquaintances.

  • Shocked to hear this news. Sarah was a wonderful person to work with – supportive, positive and fair (in all senses of the word). She will be missed dreadfully by the community, so many of whom she supported personally with a kind comment, or feedback with a smile. Our condolences to her friends and family.

  • Sarah was one of a kind. Her expertise, her teaching and advocacy skills, her ability to smoothly run a workshop or lead a panel were remarkable. I’ve learned so much from her. Her kindness, her ability to make you at ease in any situation, her empathy have always touched me.
    I’m so thankful I could call her a friend, and share the same passion for Openness.
    … we also shared many happy moments over a glass of wine in Vienna, or that epic bootcamp in Barcelona with the cooking experience, or in Milan and Bologna when we invited her to teach to the Italian community (and in Rome, at the Ministry) over some delicious food… And our comments on my necklaces or shoes 💞.
    It’s difficult to think we shall never hug again, Sarah.

    Rest in peace, my dearest.

  • terrible news! Sarah was a great colleague and human being. I will miss her very much!

  • Sarah helped me enormously at a time when I was struggling to smile, likely without realising her impact. I was very saddened to hear of her passing. My sincerest condolences to her family.

  • With much sorrow, I’d like to add my memory of Sarah, who was for me – as with so many others – both a work colleague and dear personal friend. I always admired Sarah professionally, since I knew of her work as an archivist with the UK Performing Arts Data Service (what a challenging area to archive!) and then working with her for the first time on the early Data Audit (later Asset) Framework pilot study in the noughties (another daunting prospect, to inventory the research data lurking in forgotten places in academia), then her championing of DMPOnline for the DCC, working on FOSTER Open Science training materials, and all the while co-authoring books and papers on data management and policy and generally becoming a respected expert in whatever aspect of digital curation she focussed on. She seemed like a role model even though she was younger than me. By the time she set up her @SarahRoams twitter account, where she shared freely with the world her (often mischievous) thoughts while travelling the world for work and for play, she seemed to be destined for lofty pinnacles of our small field – which of course she was, on various EU FAIR-related projects, EOSC, and GEANT.

    Our friendship developed over time, starting with comparing notes of glass ceilings for women at Edinburgh or Glasgow, and ending with sharing travel stories, or even sharing accommodation at conferences. I recall her teasing me about walking too slow or losing my way as we walked to a conference venue, leading to a spate of giggles. I am very fortunate to have been able to visit her last spring in Amsterdam (in tulip season), where she showed me her adopted city on bike, and to have caught up with her one last time in Salzburg at International Data Week, where a few of us wandered in the Dwarf Garden during a particularly long break. I’d give anything to have one more conversation with her rather than be writing this tribute, but she deserves all of our honour. Also, let’s look out for one another, while we make the world a more fair and FAIR place, for Sarah.

  • Oh no😭
    My thoughts are with her family and colleagues at GEANT during this difficult time.
    May her memory be a source of comfort and strength.


  • We have all lost a wonderful colleague, and above all person. My thoughts are with her loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. We will all miss her deeply. RIP Sarah.

  • I could not believe this. Sarah was one of the first “EOSC people” I got to know – virtually – when I started working in this field several years ago. It was great to finally meet her in person earlier this year. She will be missed.
    Condolences to her family, friends, colleagues and everyone she has connected with over the years.

  • It was with a sense of shock that we learned of Sarah’s untimely passing. On behalf of the management and staff of the BCU Lausanne, we would like to express our sincere condolences to Sarah’s family and friends on this terrible loss.

  • This is truly sad news. Our community has lost a great colleague and the world has lost a bright person. My sincere condolences to Sarah’s family, friends, and colleagues. RIP Sarah.

  • I had the pleasure of working with Sarah over the past year through her involvement with RDA, and it was a privilege to do so. I am grateful to have been able to see her briefly and present together in October in Salzburg. We were supposed to meet virtually this morning to discuss new projects, and while I did not know her well personally, I am utterly shocked by her untimely passing. My condolences to Sarah’s family, friends, and colleagues, she will be missed terribly.

  • What a terrible loss to the GÉANT community and far beyond. Sarah made me so welcome in my time at GÉANT and her smile reached even the darkest corners. My deepest condolences to her family and to my former colleagues at GÉANT

  • I am so sorry to hear this sudden sad news, Sarah’s death is big loss to her family and to whoever knew her.
    My deep condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.

  • What shocking news about Sarah’s passsing – only last week she had sent greetings for my retirement reception.
    Sarah has done wonders building the EOSC community in GÉANT, and providing the links with the wider community.
    I have known her since her DCC days and will be missing her warm and always positive, yet attentive and sharp way to help us all forward.

  • My deepest condolences to Sarah’s family at this time. Your loss must be more than can be born.

    One of the many things Sarah made a huge contribution to is the teaching she did, pro bono, for students from Low and Middle Income countries. She was incredibly helpful in terms of enabling this teaching. She always enthusiastic, encouraging and optimistic. This is one small strand in all of the things she did.

    Few people have achieved so much in so short a period of time. We were blessed with the time with had with her.

    Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam.

  • I was devastated to hear the news of Sarah’s untimely death this morning. She was welcoming, friendly, encouraging, supportive and her smile lit up a room. My deepest sympathy to Sarah’s family, friends, and colleagues.

  • I was truly saddened to hear about Sarah’s passing. She was such an energetic and dynamic advocate for research data and open science. Through my various interactions with Sarah I always found her kind, enthusiastic and great fun. She will be missed! My thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad time.

  • It is incredibly sad news the shocking loss of Sarah. She came across as a super kind and knowledgeable person. My deepest condolences to her family and friends.

  • I first met Sarah in 2018 at the EuroScience Open Forum in Toulouse. Besides her professional work, she impressed me with her kind and warm personality. As an invaluable supporter and role model, she had a profound impact on my career, for which I will be forever grateful. The news of her passing came as an utter shock and represents a significant loss for the research data community. My sincere condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues.

  • Sarah will always be for me the smiling, laughing face of the communities she cared so deeply about. Her unbelievable and premature loss is felt deeply by us all.

  • I have met Sarah several times at EOSC meeting and have always enjoyed her professional manner and positive drive for making data FAIR and for contributing to Open Science. It is with great sadness to learn about her untimely passing. Our thoughts are with her family, friends and colleagues.

  • Sarah, in all my GEANT/EOSC interactions with you I always admired your elegance in dealing with people and matters. Will miss you a lot!
    My deepest condolences to your family

  • World is so much poorer place without Sarah.
    Open Science has lost one of the greatest advocates!

    Sarah, you will be missed deeply!

    Condolences to family and friends!

  • Terrible news. My deepest condolences to Sarah’s family, friends and all the GEANT team.

  • I am so shocked and saddened by this news. Sarah was such an inspiration to me and a role model for me in my career. Over the many times I’ve gotten to meet her I always felt a little star struck, like I was meeting my idol. My thoughts are with her family and friends.

  • We at URAN are deeply saddened by the loss of Sarah, who was a valued member of GEANT team. We will always remember her fondly and keep her in our hearts.

  • I only met Sarah briefly this past Summer and left with such a wonderful impression. With her positive attitude and enthusiasm, it is quite a lost to the community. My condolences to her friends, colleagues, and families.

  • I had the privilege of working with Sarah on a study about FAIR Data and Legal Interoperability for the EOSC Association, where her kindness and warmth truly shone through. I am deeply saddened to hear about her passing; it is a great loss to all who knew her.

  • My last fond memory of Sarah was working with her and Daniel Bangert in a rather upmarket café here in Göttingen – the staff didn’t want to see our laptops but Sarah’s quick-wittedness and composure (delivered in perfect German, no less) soon saw to that! So we were able to carry on discussing our project in peace, sustained by Kaffee und Kuchen. Such an enormous loss of expertise and passion to the whole community. I hope there’s cake where you are now, Sarah.

  • This is such sad news. My heart goes out to Sarah’s family and to her current and former colleagues in GEANT and DCC. Sarah embodied professionalism and authenticity in her work. She was an inspiration and such a pleasure to be around and I’ve cheered her successes and adventures from afar over these past years.

  • I couldn’t believe it 😢 I lost a good friend, supporter and beautiful person! We met just a few months ago in Georgia and have participated in open science events many times… I will miss you my dear Sarah…. 😭

  • I was lucky to meet and learn from Sarah first when she visited us at the University of Oslo nearly ten years ago, later at every conference or plenary I went to. She would always have the most welcoming smile, making people around her feel well. She was in her self a community builder trough her warmth, knowledge and inclusiveness. My deepest condolences to her family.
    Not having her around is an enormous loss for the global research data community.

  • I have many fond memories of working with Sarah together on all those amazing projects, not in the least the Foster Open Science trainings we gave all across Europe. Sarah was extremely capable in everything she undertook professionally.
    But even more than that, I will remember her as a friend, her energetic and joyous personality made it always a pleasure to stick around with her after working hours, and I am devastated to know that there will be no more giggles, drinks, talks and walks.
    My sincere condolences to her family and loved ones.

  • I’m deeply sadden and shocked to learn that Sarah is no longer with us. She was always a voice to be reckoned with in the EOSC and Open Science realm. My deepest condolences and warm thoughts to family, friends and colleagues.

  • I have wonderful memories of Sarah, her numerous visits to Italy to teach, to present, to share her experience, knowledge on open access, on fair open data have greatly contributed to the education and training of Italian OA data experts, digital librarians. Her positiveness, competence, her support, generosity in sharing, and her strong belief in Open Science will remain with us and motivate all of us to continue our engagement in Open Science. Thanks Sarah!!!

  • So very sad to hear about Sarah. I worked with her at DCC and on a couple of projects on data management. I remember being in Helsinki where we sat in the hotel foyer with Miggie from the University of Northampton. It was chilly and we were all wrapped up in blankets and drinking big glasses of wine celebrating a project well done. Sarah was always great fun to be with. She radiated warmth. Sending my love and wishes to her family.

  • Unbelievable and so sad to realise that Sarah is gone from this world. I have fond memories of her. She was an inspiration as one of the best and knowledgeable community builders I have ever met.
    Condoleances for her family and loved ones.

  • One of the most fun and sensitive people I have ever had the pleasure to know. She could handle almost anything thrown at her and she was not than a colleague to anyone who know her. Her drive and enthusiasm were infectious and her knowledge was deep and profound.

  • My deepest condolences to Sarah’s family, friends and colleagues. I am shocked by this sad news and will always remember Sarah as a kind, incredibly engaged, passionate and knowledgeable fighter for FAIR data and Open Science.

  • This is very very sad news and an untimely loss. I had the pleasure of working with her for a couple of years but a gem of a lady. Prayers and thoughts with her family.

  • I am so very sad, being part of the wave of people that Sarah touched, both professionally and personally. Sarah exemplified that magic combination of expertise, enthusiasm, and genuine interest in others, to which we all should aspire. I feel so grateful to have known Sarah and for every conversation I had with her.

  • Very saddened to hear of this news. My thoughts go out to Sarah’s friends, family, and all colleagues that worked so closely with her.

  • I’m shocked and deeply sad, but also grateful that I had the privilege to know her. It was an honour for me to work with her. I will miss her a lot. My sincere condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues.

  • I had the fortune to meet Sarah on a few occasions. These meetings were in professional settings and fleeting. Nevertheless, they were enough to confirm everything said about her skills, drive, and commitment.

    However, what impressed me the most was her ability to make everyone involved feel part of some kind of benign but slightly mischievous inside joke. It was a trait that was undoubtedly valuable in community building but seemed like an integral part of who she was. She couldn’t help brightening the room she entered.

  • So sad indeed. RENU joins our colleagues at GEANT in mourning the untimely death of their colleague, Sarah Jones.

    May her soul rest in peace.

  • So sad to read that Sarah has passed away.
    Sarah was a wonderful person and a great colleague.
    One of those persons that truly believe in a better future for higher education and research thanks to the efforts of our community.
    We will miss you so much, Sarah.

  • The room would always brighten when Sarah entered the room. She was engaging, cheery and inquisitive be it in larger groups or one-on-one, and would always make time, no matter how busy she was, if you needed an explanation or advice. This is a terrible shock and terribly sad. My heart goes out to all those who were close to Sarah.

  • I am deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Sarah Jones. Her dedication to the Open Science and EOSC Community has left an indelible mark, and her contributions to the Open Science Commons inspired so many people. She will be remembered with great admiration.

  • I am saddened to hear about the loss of Sarah Jones. I had the luck to meet her at EOSC and was impressed by her energy, her knowledge and her kindness. Her achievements, both on the work-related and the personal level, will continue. Our deepest sympathy goes out to her family, friends and colleagues.

  • Such a shocking and tragic loss. I didn’t know Sarah that well, but I’d known her a long time as we had a shared history working for Jisc advisory services. Since 2019 our paths crossed more often working on EOSC projects and initiatives. If Sarah was in a meeting or even better chairing it, you always knew there was a voice of reason in the room, someone with deep knowledge and commitment, a great communicator who had amazing tact, diplomacy and warmth. I tried to watch and learn from her, but I’m not sure you can learn what she had. She truly was irreplaceable and she will be very much missed. My thoughts are with her family, friends and colleagues, especially at GEANT, EOSC and the DCC.

  • Thanks a lot Sarah, for sharing your knowledge, your kindness and generosity, – and your warm infectious smiles.

  • On behalf of Funet, we express our warmest condolences to her family and all the colleagues in GÉANT community, which are many.

  • DMP OPIDoR’s team wants to send its condolences to her family, friends and colleagues. Sarah has been a very important guide for the development of DMP OPIDoR service. She was very generous, bright and kind person. The team is very schocked and sad by her sudden death. We will miss her.

  • Saddened to read this untimely departure for you Sarah. On behalf of all of us at Trust-IT, we hope, you are continuing to inspire many with your deep knowledge, professional work ethic and constant smile!
    Sincere condolences to your family, colleagues and friends. Che la terra ti sia lieve Sarah.

  • I am shocked and deeply sad to hear the news of the passing of Sarah Jones. I had the luck of working with Sarah on a few occasions in European collaborations. She was a warm and wonderful person and a great professional. My deepest condolences to Sarah’s family, friends and colleagues.

  • I’ve only met Sarah once during a review of the BioDT project. Having her in the review committee was really valuable. But it was also so much fun to work with her for these few days. I am shocked by her untimely passing and my thoughts are with her beloved ones.

  • I always found a supporter in Sarah for our engagement efforts towards the community. More than her contributions to the field, I’m sure she will be remembered for her fantastic personality and the joy she brings to those around her. My condolences to her colleagues, friends and family.

  • Sarah was an impressive colleague and a compassionate friend. I was lucky to work with Sarah in several occasions during the past eight years. Interacting with her was inspiring and fun whether it took place in workshops, meetings or in the pub after conferences.

    I want to send my condolences to her family and to all her friends and colleagues. 

    Sarah, you made the world a better place and your memory will always be with us!

  • Sarah was a wonderful guide and mentor to me in the world of data curation. But, more than that, she was a kind, warm, special person whom I am glad to have known. My condolences to her family and many friends and colleagues.

  • I have known Sarah for many, many years from our work w.r.t. Research Data Management. I used to live in Wales. That’s when I first knew her.
    I had met Sarah mainly during international workshops or conferences, esp. in the UK and in Germany, e.g. at the SUB library in Goettingen. My condolences! I will miss her. I miss learning with and from her, laughing with Sarah and sharing chocolates from Cron & Lanz ( with her after a very good conference in Lower Saxony or elsewhere! I am very sad.

  • Hey Sarah. I will miss your jokes and our inspirational talks. Don’t bother Sint Peters too much with Open Science, please. Rest in peace. Too early.

  • I’m so very sorry to hear this terribly sad news.
    I have so many happy memories of working with Sarah and her wonderful kindness, vibrancy and friendship.
    Wishing all her family and friends every sympathy at this difficult time.

  • Dear Sarah, only those forgotten are dead. We remember you. STTP (sit tibi terra levis)

  • Sad news, terrible loss, and irreplaceable void; we miss you already, Sarah—my deepest condolences to your family and friends.

  • I’m in such shock at this terribly sad news. Sarah was a wonderfully kind and fun person to be around at all Library occasions. Condolences to all.

  • Such shocking and sad news. My condolences to Sarah’s family, friends and colleagues.

  • Words cannot express how shocked and saddened I was to hear this news. Sarah was a colleague of mine when I worked for the DCC over a decade ago, and I always appreciated her kindness and positivity. Since then, I have enjoyed keeping up-to-date with her career and travels via Twitter. I would like to send my sincere condolences to Sarah’s family, friends and colleagues.

  • It was always a pleasure to meet Sarah and she was so helpful when I was embarking on an RDM project. It has been a number of years since our paths crossed but it makes the news of her death no less shocking or sad. A great loss to her family and friends.

  • I didnt know her personally but as soon as I started working on better data sharing practices I came across her work which really inspired me. Her work and commitment to open science has been extremely valuable and I hope it continues. Thank you for your good work Sarah.

  • Such immensely sad news. I’ve known Sarah in the ‘data’ world for just about forever it seems, from her early DCC time helping universities / research organisations develop their data management capabilities. Since then she symbolised the exponential growth of open science in Europe. Much strength to her family and friends.

  • I am lost for words, shocked, unable to comprehend. In a few minutes we have our next info share, that our team and you organised and arranged, but you won’t be there, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. I will miss you so much and hope you rest in peace.

  • Take a moment to remember Sarah. Also, take a moment to ask your fellow colleague and friend “how are you doing today?”.

  • Sarah was just an incredible human being and her leadership, advice and encouragement in the early days of RDM institutional engagement via the DCC (2012), was so essential & thoughtful and impactful, and through the years she continued to give great advice and valuable support. I so enjoyed it when she was around at events and she really could light up a room with her smile, friendliness, and presence. I learnt so much from her and will be forever grateful to have known her. RIP Sarah and big love and condolences to your loved ones, family, and colleagues past and present. You will be so missed.

  • This is incredibly sad news, but wanted to send my condolences to her family. Sarah was a loved and highly esteemed colleague and she will be missed while her legacy continues with all of us

  • Belnet is still in shock and deeply saddened by the news of the sudden passing of Sarah Jones, especially the Belnet staff members who have worked closely with her in our and EOSC and Open Science endeavours. Her contributions, leading role, collaborative spirit and thorough expertise in the field of Open Science will be greatly missed in the Géant and EOSC community. On behalf of Belnet I would like to express our sincere condolences to Sarah’s family, friends and colleagues.

  • Such sad news. Our paths mostly crossed through her work with the RDA, where she was very active in so many areas. She gave her time and support to so many things and contributed so much. She was engaging, helpful, intelligent and always came across as a kind person. It really is a shock and she’ll be missed by many people.

  • A devastating loss…Sarah held a multitude of skills and competences that were instrumental in catalysing the Open Science evolution at a global level. Her dedication, passion, and expertise leave an indelible mark, and she will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of knowing and working alongside her. My heartfelt condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues. May her legacy continue to inspire us as we strive to carry forward the important work she contributed to so passionately.

  • My thoughts are with Sarah’s partner and her family and close friends. They know how exceptional Sarah was, but we can tell them how much we share their sorrow. Unfortunately, it’s totally unfair to leave so soon, especially when you’ve invested so much time and effort in promoting the FAIR principles. But Sarah’s intense flame burnt out faster than most, leaving a halo of light that we will not soon forget.
    RIP dear Sarah.

  • I am heartbroken by the news of Sarah’s untimely passing. I have so many wonderful memories of her. She was a great and inspiring colleague to work with, who was willing to stand up for what she believed in, true openness and transparency. But above all, Sarah was a lovely, kind and caring person and a dear friend, who will be deeply missed by many. My sincere condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.

  • I have so many memories of Sarah and without exception they are positive. She had in-depth knowledge of so many areas of our work, used it well, wore it lightly and shared it without hesitation. So many of us describe her as ‘a colleague and friend’, because it was hard to be a colleague for long without also becoming a friend. Sarah complemented her skills, knowledge and ability to get things done with many admirable personal qualities. She built bridges between people and communities, healed divisions and gave wise advice when it was needed. That’s all serious and important – but Sarah also brought joy and fun to whatever we did. I’ll remember and treasure that, with so much more about her.

  • I have no appropriate words for this loss. Absolutely shocked by the news. My condolences to everyone close to Sarah, the uncountable number of people she illuminated by her energy.

    The things I have been able to do together with Sarah are fond memories and it is unfair that we will not be able to think back of those together.

    I cry with you all.

  • Smiling and working for openness. If we manage we will honor Sarah and her contribution.

  • I am so sorry to hear about Sarah’s passing. I can only repeat what so many others have said in this space — she was a vibrant, enthusiastic, intelligent, and highly capable individual. My sincerely condolences to her family and her direct colleagues during this profoundly sad time.

  • It’s so hard to think of losing Sarah. She inspired confidence in me and probably everyone she worked with, always focused on doing the right thing in every sense. I would rather think that what she gave me will never be lost, and that’s the truth.

  • It is with great sadness that we learned that Sarah Jones passed away and I would like to express, on behalf of CSC, our warmest sympathy and deepest condolences to Sarah’s family, friends, and colleagues.

    Some of us at CSC have been working with Sarah for almost two decades, through her activities with the Digital Curation Center (DCC), and more recently GEANT and EOSC. She became a trusted colleague and a friend to many of us. We will remember Sarah as very joyful person, full of life and always positive. A very genuine person indeed. We will miss you, Sarah.

    With condolences

    Kimmo and many colleagues at CSC who had a pleasure and priviledge to work with Sarah

  • What a loss! Sarah was an absolutely wonderful person, be it professionally or privately. Her calm and analytical views were always of great help to get things done and to ensure that people work smoothly together. I vividly remember our interactions and the numerous zoom meetings we had during the pandemic. When Sarah was present there was always positive energy. She will be missed enormously. My warmest thoughts go to her family in this most difficult time for them.

  • Sarah made many contributions in a relatively short time with much promise for the future. Energy, enthusiasm and capability personified, strengthened by belief in openess and FAIRness. Condolences to family and friends.

  • … event so overwhelming that it is difficult to believe. My deepest condolences.

  • I first met Sarah in early 2010 when she when she came to demonstrate something called DMPOnline. It will never catch on, I thought. How wrong. That’s partly because over the years I saw she was someone who always pushed things forward, get things going, and got them done.

    Over the years I would see her at conferences and events, and she always had a cheery “hello” and a brief catch-up on what’s going on – usually before someone else wanted to say hello to her, because there were so many who did.

    Only the other month, she was helping as part of the programme committee for IDCC 2024 and, as always, was on and to the point with her assessments and comments.

    Her loss to our community is significant; to her friends and family, unimaginable.

  • Ι met Sarah at the FOSTER Open Science Bootcamp in 2018…
    Such a nice, energetic person.
    So sad and so unfair loss… For her, for her family. for open science ….

  • Sarah was a good friend to me over many years. I’m devastated she has passed away. She was warm, funny, clever, vivacious, witty and generous. Our work connected us and even though we were living on opposite sides of the world, we had great times together exploring wonderful places and she always inspired me with her energy for open science. Gutted that I missed seeing her recently in Salzburg because I was sick with COVID and isolated in a hotel room. Rest in peace, Sarah, you gorgeous woman with a big heart. You’ll be missed forever and you’ll always be in my heart.

  • I got to know Sarah at a Horizon project seminar in Finland last March. Sarah shined with enthusiasm for FAIR and open data when she presented the recommendations from our External Advisory Board for our Biodiversity Digital Twin research infrastructure project. I recall we connected very well and found a shared passion for open data. I recall she joined us ice bathing from a hot sauna in a Finish lake. I recall she introduced me to the ambient music of Max Richter and his concept album Sleep. Sarah made a lasting impression and will be missed!

  • Dear Sarah,
    I first met you years ago during one of the Research Data Alliance events and I remember myself admiring your energy, enthusiasm and driving force. May you smile where you are now, forever and ever.

    Riposa in pace Sarah

  • We worked together in the FOSTER project and met all across Europe for project meetings, conferences and open science training. I have wonderful memories of that time and I can’t believe that Sarah can’t be part of that anymore, she will be greatly missed. My sincere condolences to her family, friends and colleagues!

  • Sarah, it is so very sad to see you go. It’s unfair and horrible, you were nice and bright, and a great colleague. Many will miss you and the chance to see you again. Big hugs to your family.

  • It is overwhelming and so beautiful to read so many kind comments for Sarah. Her job was so important to her. She shared unbreakable bonds with many of her colleagues. 
    It is with great sorrow in our hearts that we must face the future ahead of us.
    We look back to the wonderful time we had with her with a big smile on our faces. So many laughs, and so many adventures that will stay with us forever. 
    I lost my girlfriend, and my son his mother in law, as you lost a dear friend.
    Thank you so much to Geant for opening this memorial.
    Rest in peace my love.
    Sylvere and Elyan

  • On behalf of all the staff at HEAnet, I wish to extend deepest sympathies and condolences to Sarah’s family, friends and colleagues. Many of us at HEAnet had the great pleasure of working with Sarah across various GÉANT, EOSC, and other forums. She was a pleasure to work alongside and she will be missed greatly. Her bright star will continue to shine. May she rest in peace.

  • What a sad and unexpected news. my condolences to her family and friends and to everyone who worked with Sarah

  • I still can’t believe it – and sending my heartfelt condolences to family and friends and those of you who worked with Sarah. Sarah was just one of those people whose presence lit up a room. Her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm always shone through and she was such a kind, lovely person. Remembering the times we came into contact – often over unconferences at RDA and IDCC – lots of laughs and fun. She will be sorely missed but I know that her legacy will live on in our communities.

  • Sarah was a great connector of people in social contexts as well as at work. Her warmth, humour and friendliness were matched by her quick intelligence, integrity, expertise and commitment. It is terrible to think of her loss to her loved ones, friends, colleagues and her wider work community. Like so many, I am very shocked and sad to learn that she has gone. I want to remember her smile, her voice, her curls and her chatting and dancing with guests while brandishing a large cocktail as the hostess-with-the-mostess in her old flat in Amsterdam, looking after others while very much enjoying herself. My condolences to everyone who feels her loss.

  • It is with a great sorrow to write these few lines on behalf of OpenAIRE. The loss of a colleague who gave so much to our community, and still had so much to give. But above all, the loss of a young and vibrant woman is shocking, to put it mildly. Our thoughts go out to her family and close colleagues. May time heal their grief, and may they find comfort in knowing that Sarah was loved, appreciated and respected by the global open science community. She has made an impact.

  • Such very, very sad news. Having benefitted from working with Sarah on establishing the European Open Science Cloud, I will miss her humour, warmth and insights on open science. My thoughts and sympathy go to Sarah’s family, friends and colleagues.

  • So sorry to hear this news about Sarah! I first met Sarah when collaborating on JISC projects back in the mid 2000nds and have since had the pleasure of catching up regularly at RDM events. Sarah was so capable in her work, but also such a lovely person that it was always a delight when meeting or getting in touch about something. She will be greatly missed!

  • I worked only on a few occasions with Sarah, but enough to notice she was a truly remarkable and unique person, spreading kindness, friendliness, and genuine interest in other people. She touched you with her presence.
    What a terrible shock to hear about her passing away. She will be missed within, and outside, our data community. My thoughts go out to her family, close friends, and colleagues.

  • What a devastating news !! I had the pleasure of working with Sarah in several occasions. She was a great and dedicated professional but more importantly a kind, warm and friendly person with a great sense of humor. She will be greatly missed. My sincere condolences to her family and friends. Rest in peace Sarah.

  • I first met Sarah at IDCC 2011 in Bristol and always looked forward to seeing her at IDCC conferences since then. She was one of the first people I met in the world of data curation; she was very helpful in directing me to resources and telling me when to “punt” on a particular resource. We often shared laughs, including at IDCC in Barcelona when we both admitted having issues feeling trapped by the rather glossy entry “chamber” in our hotel rooms where we couldn’t find the door to the loo or the bedroom because all doors looked alike. She will be greatly missed.

  • I am writing this message with profound sorrow to acknowledge the untimely passing of Sarah Jones. Working alongside Sarah in various roles has profoundly influenced me, both in my professional journey and personal growth. Every interaction with her transcended mere collaboration; it was an opportunity to expand the limits of my professional skills and understanding.

    Sarah’s insight and her deep understanding of the Open Science and FAIR Community were nothing short of inspirational. Her contributions were instrumental in shaping not just my perspective, but also the broader community we are part of. The impact of her work, her thought leadership, and her commitment to our field has been profound and far-reaching.

    As we navigate this loss, I extend my heartfelt condolences to her family, colleagues, and friends. Her absence leaves a void that will be deeply felt by all who had the privilege of knowing her and working alongside her.

    In tribute to Sarah, we are reminded of the importance of the work we do. Her legacy will continue to inspire us, and in her memory, we are encouraged to strive for excellence, just as she did. She will be dearly missed, but her influence will undoubtedly live on in the countless lives she touched.

  • My deepest condolences to Sarah’s family, friends and colleagues.
    I did not work with Sarah but I know she was passionate about what she was doing, as is clear from the contributions around the world.
    Sarah and I met at a ladies brunch two years ago and became fast friends. It’s not easy to make new friends in your forties, but Sarah was warm and kind and funny and supportive and generous, someone I was lucky to call a friend.
    Sarah left this world much too soon, and will be sorely missed.
    Rest in peace Sarah.

  • Such a sad news. I’m shocked. Glad we had a chance to work together during my time at SURF, so I could learn from your positivity and passion for HE. All the best for your family and friends.

  • As Sarah passed away, the world just became darker and more somber. She was a source of ceaseless positivity and left ann indelible mark on many of us. After this period of mourning, I chose to remember her smile, her warmth, her kindness and her brilliant mind. My deepest condolences to her family, friends and colleagues

  • Very sad and shocking news. I vividly remember Sarah’s valuable contribution to the EC work on Open Science as a member of the FAIR Data Expert Group and her sociable character. My heartfelt condoleances to her family, friends and colleagues.

  • This is such incredibly sad news. I had the pleasure to work with her on the FOSTER plus project, including an ‘open science train the trainer bootcamp’. She was an open science expert as well as a caring and sparkling person. My deepest condoleances to her family, friends and colleagues.

  • Dear Sarah,

    You lit up the room when you entered. You brought us insight into open science and data handling. But much more important: with your smile, your empathy and your social skills you contributed a lot to the family feeling we have at GEANT. You will be missed much more than you can imagine. I hope you are in a good place now where you find the inner peace that you were able to give to so many of your colleagues.

  • I’m deeply saddened by the shocking news of Sarah Jones’ passing. Though I didn’t work with her personally, I understand she was a remarkable and widely recognized professional. My heartfelt condolences go out to her family, friends, and colleagues. Sarah’s impact on data management and Open Science was unique. I hope she’s in a better place, aware of her significant achievements and the success she accomplished. It’s truly a loss for us all that she departed so early, as she had so much to offer.

  • Goodbye Sarah.

    “Mais elle était du monde, où les plus belles choses
    Ont le pire destin ;
    Et rose elle a vécu ce que vivent les roses,
    L’espace d’un matin.”

    François de Malherbe. Consolation à M. Du Périer (1599)

  • The loss of Sarah is very sad. She was such a lovely and lively person, with a huge heart for research and all the people involved in it. We’ve met on multiple occasions, not just at GEANT but in EOSC and at events in the Dutch research and open science community. She will be sorely missed. My condolences to her family, friends and loved ones.

  • Unbelievable and so sad to hear that Sarah Jones has passed. She was one of the first people who, through an online MOOC made the difficult topic of Research Data Management clear to me with enough background information to make some progress in my own institution. She was very positive and passionate about her work and I think this motivated and inspired many colleagues worldwide- in the difficult in the pioneering phase – to get involved and set things up in their own institutions and get the wheels turning. She was also a very pleasant person. Condolences to her family and friends.

  • This is very sad news. Sarah helped us a lot in the early days of our research data service at the University of Leeds and was always approachable, positive and encouraging. She was such a friendly and enthusiastic person.
    Best wishes and condolences to all Sarah’s family, friends and colleagues.

  • Dear Sarah!

    I will always remember your vibrant energy and curious mind!
    A recent memory is from the DeiC-conference, about a year ago when you gave a talk.

    I will miss you and I still have a hard time understanding that you are gone, I couldn’t believe the news first when I heard it…


  • I am shocked. Unbelievable! Just a few days ago we met in Madrid at the EOSC meeting…
    With his wonderful smile, he will remain with us forever.
    Safe travel Sarah to some better places…

  • My deepest condolences for the loss of our colleague. May cherished memories bring comfort to her family, friends and collegue during this difficult time.

  • I first met Sarah in Bologna in 2015 during a hands-on workshop about “All you need to know about management plans” where she brought her positivity, enthusiasm and determination in opening up knowledge and making a better world through cooperation and sharing. Since then she has always been supportive and inspirational especially in those first years at the dawn of open data when nobody knew how to write a DMP. I have often asked her for help and she was always there…I will miss you

  • My deepest condolences…
    In my memory, for good, Sarah will remain such a lovely and bright person as I first met her in Vienna for the EOSC Focus Kickoff meeting.
    We shall carry on the best of her wish to pursue advancing Open Science and EOSC.

  • Sarah, I am grateful for the warm welcome, helpful advice, and cheerful guidance you provided when we met at IDCC 2016. Those moments will always be fond memories from my early career. May your memory be a blessing.

  • So sorry to hear about Sarah’s passing.
    Deepest and most heartfelt condolences to family and friends and colleagues during this incredibly difficult time.

  • Words of remembrance for Sarah Jones

    It was with sorrow and shock that we received the news that Sarah is no longer with us.
    Sarah was, in many ways, the embodiment of RDA, always approachable, positive, and including, making one feel like a part of the community.
    In particular, her support when establishing the Norwegian RDA node was invaluable.
    She generously shared her knowledge, to the benefit of us and our institutions for strategy development, training, and cultural change.

    Sarah will be missed!

    On behalf of RDA-Norway,
    Margaret Louise Fotland and Elin Stangeland

  • Sarah was the driving force behind Data Audit/Asset Framework (DAF) that we worked together on. And it was one of the most fun collaborative projects because of the élan and drive that Sarah brought to it, all mixed with fun and pride from producing something new and useful. She will be very much missed!

  • It was an absolute honour to know Sarah, and to work with her on the CODATA-RDA Schools for Research Data Science. She will be incredibly missed, but we are so grateful for the time we had with her!

  • Shocked to discover this news when searching for Sarah’s role in promoting FAIR and EOSC. It is really not expected after seen her lively couple of months ago.

  • Whenever I saw Sarah, be it at the pub, in the office or at an event, it always brightened my day – I do and will continue to very much miss her.

  • Sarah’s knowledge and wisdom in matters of digital curation will be greatly missed by the community, but I will remember her most for the way she was able to make me (as someone who often struggles with social situations) feel welcome and able to contribute in whatever space we both shared, and for that I will miss her deeply.

  • I am so sorry, but happy we could collaborate together in some projects, a real please. My condolence your beloved family and friends. Reme

  • I am so shocked and saddened to hear of Sarah’s passing. She was a great bright light, always with a smile and so positive as most have noted here. I always saw her great passion, and her insight and teamwork, and extremely talented and whenever anything was complex she helped carve a way forward. She was a huge contributor to the Digital Curation Centre and working in the Jisc research data programmes across UK universities, and subsequently was a great leader in the European Open Science Cloud initiatives. Very sad, will be missed by me, and I am sure Sarah is missed by all in the research community and my condolences to her friends, family and loved ones.

  • Dear Sarah,
    When thinking of you, I remember your tenacity to drive topics that you believed in and your smile and energy. I wish I had had the chance to meet you again.
    Strength and condoleances to your family and friends.

  • I have just caught up with news of Sarah’s passing. Very shocked and saddened to hear this. We spent quite a bit of time together around 2010 on some project work and although I haven’t been much in touch much over recent years, I have such vivid and happy memories of working with her. My deep condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.

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