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Lightning never strikes twice? Not at TNC16!

The TNC16 audience is diverse: almost 680 attendees from over 60 countries worldwide and every one of us different. Sure, we’re all focused on how best to connect and support the world’s research and education users – be they students, scientists or university IT staff. But we’re all individuals, we have individual passions, interests, objectives, drivers and responsibilities.

So how do you bring each member of this diverse audience something of interest, in one place?

Simple: TNC16 Lightning Talks!

This year, a whirlwind of perfectly-timed 5 minute presentations delivered a whole bunch of interesting topics, engaging the audience and planting numerous seeds in plenty of minds – inspiring others to go learn more in the coffee breaks, in follow-up chats, or just via a quick Google!

This makes lightning talks one very effective way of building the community.

For example, a lightning talk on ‘building trust in the CSIRT community’ opened eyes to the Task Force on CSIRTs; another on ‘Be WISE’ will hopefully lead anybody interested in security to join this important community; yet another highlighted the first live 8k video transmission carried out on a commodity PC.

Equally importantly, these talks showed quite clearly the value of bringing this community together to learn from and inspire each other, and help with ‘Building the Internet of People’.

(Some presenters timed their talks so well, there was even time for a selfie! Here Sigita Jurkynaite celebrates her first Lightning Talk!)


For more on the Lightning Talks, visit the session page where you can view slides on each talk.

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