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GÉANT supporting the first ever joint European e-infrastructures conference. Registration is now open!

On 28th-30th  September Krákow will be the host of the first joint event organised by the major European e-Infrastructure initiatives (GÉANT, EGI, EUDAT,OpenAIRE and RDA Europe).

As the digital technology demands of modern research and education increase it becomes ever more important for the European e-infrastructure providers to work together.  This Digital Infrastructrures for Research (DI4R) conference will for the first time bring together the major e-infrastructure projects to help shape the digital future of Europe.

GÉANT is working across all the threads of the conference with contributions to sessions covering;

  • Digital infrastructures for Research
  • Interoperable e-infrastructures
  • AAI for researchers
  • Federated service management
  • Cloud procurement
  • Integrated approach towards research engagement
  • Joint service catalogue for Research
  • Exploitation of COPERNICUS Data in the e-infrastructures
  • Security
  • SME engagement
  • Harnessing the power of end to end networks

GÉANT will also be supporting three training sessions during the conference for;

  • An introduction to e-infrastructures
  • Building user-defined and user-controlled virtual networks for WAN workflows
  • Federated AAI meets reality, Security Incident Handling Role Play in DI4R

This conference is a unique opportunity to find out more about how the EU e-infrastructure initiatives can support your research and how they are working together to drive forward Research and Education across Europe.

The programme of the event is available here

Registration for DI4R is open at 




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