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Your TNC17 Guide to: the GÉANT Community Programme

TNC17 on 29 May to 2 June has a packed programme of events reflecting activities from around the NREN community.

The GÉANT Community Programme is an overarching, community-driven framework to foster collaboration and support initiatives in a broad range of areas, including innovation, management and operation, in order to build communities, share ideas and solve common issues. The Programme is supported by the GÉANT Community Committee and oversees the Task Forces and Special Interest Groups, community projects and specialist workshops and events. The main current activities are shown in the diagram above.

To help TNC17 participants find their way to Community Programme sessions, here’s a quick guide.

Side meetings

Community Programme events provide ‘bookends’ to TNC17, starting with REFEDS on Monday, which brings together the Trust and Identity community from across the globe. On Friday, you can join us at the Mobility Day – covering all aspects of mobile access and roaming – or at the SIG-Marcomms and Global PR Network joint meeting for those involved in marketing communications.

The Community Programme is also represented in many of the side meetings.  TF-RED will meet on Tuesday morning from 9am to discuss NREN research engagement, and on Tuesday evening SIG-Greenhouse is represented at the Filesender BoF (‘birds of a feather’ meeting) while a proposed new GÉANT Legal Task Force will be under discussion in another forum. Both of these sessions kick off at 6pm – but don’t forget to make sure you are ready for the Opening Reception at 8pm as the boats won’t wait!

On Wednesday evening the side meetings continue from 6pm, where you can choose to attend a meeting of SIG-TNE – looking at the challenges of Transnational Education in our sector, or the Cloud Café – where you will find members of SIG-CISS – and we will also be hosting the closed Global eduroam Governance Committee as it reviews global eduroam operations. On Thursday at 10am WISE will be hosting a ceremony to launch the Security for Collaboration among Infrastructures Framework.  If you represent an e-infrastructure, please sign up and join us to support this important security collaboration.

The main event

The Community Programme is not just engaged in the TNC17 side events, you can find us throughout the conference too!

The Network Performing Arts Production Workshops (NPAPWs) will be represented in the panel session “Bright Future for the Arts” at 2pm on Tuesday, and at a Lightning Talk given by Sigita Jurkynaitė on Wednesday, 2pm: “Can puppy paws facilitate real-time multisite performances?

On Wednesday the REFEDS ORCID Working Group and the govroam initiative can be found in the “Identity Strategy” session from 9am. You can also find out about the GÉANT CLAW Crisis Management exercise with Charlie van Genuchten during the 2pm lightning talks.

Finally on Friday, we are excited to be participating in the first Open Source session at TNC for sometime. The Greenhouse SIG will be discussed alongside the Commons Conservancy, a joint initiative with NLnet to support open source projects in the “Open Source Collaboration” session.

We know TNC is a busy event for everyone attending, but we do hope to see you at some of the GÉANT Community Programme events!

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