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GÉANT publishes the 2016 Annual Report

We are delighted to announce the publication of GÉANT 2016 annual report. This gives us the opportunity to share news of the past year’s successes with colleagues, partners and members of the dynamic R&E community in which we operate.

The report, whilst highlighting the progress made towards our four strategic goals announced one year ago, it also sets the scene for the year ahead. In addition, by illustrating our major achievements in 2016, it also brings to the fore the vital work that our organisation plays to foster innovation globally. As presented in the report, please find listed below GÉANT’s strategic objectives and a brief summary of achievements for each area.

Running an Efficient, Highly Effective Organisation

In 2016, GÉANT successfully delivered another phase of the GÉANT project, as well as a NREN survey and effective procurement to maintain its commitment to delivering value and serving the NREN community.

Providing World-Class Services

In 2016, GÉANT distinguished itself through the successful development of Software Defined Networking capabilities, the effective integration of novel security programmes and the achievements of eduGAIN and eduroam.

Delivering Exceptional Value, Promoting Innovation and Seeking Opportunities

In line with its third strategic objective, in 2016 GÉANT carried out with success a pan-European tender for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings, published the first AARC project blueprint architecture and utilised alien waves for the first time.

Growing the Community

In 2016, GÉANT supported community expansion via events such as TNC16, DI4R, through the established international collaborations, plus new learning and development initiatives.

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Submitted by Rosanna Norman

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