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The NOC of the Future

Faster than a speeding photon

A frightening ‘unknown’, and a certainty at the same time, is fast approaching, and we should be asking ourselves: are we ready for it? We are talking, of course, about the future. Luckily, we do not have to figure out how to face it alone. One of the greatest advantages of belonging to the NREN community is the possibility to share our experiences, fears and doubts with each other to make sure we all start preparing for the future.

To start talking about this unknown factor soon enough, the Special Interest Group: Network Operation Centres (SIG-NOC) is organising its sixth bi-annual meeting around this theme. In particular,  we will be discussing how the upcoming GDPR will influence NOC operations, the meaning of the growing pressure to include security operations into the NOC and which tools will help us predict the needs of our clients before they even know it.

If you are part of a NOC at an NREN, please join our SIG and come to our meeting on 27 and 28 November at SURFnet in Utrecht. SIG-NOC meetings feature a mix of discussions, presentations and workshops from members of the NREN community and commercial industry experts. Every presenter is encouraged to contribute on any relevant topic to ensure that as much information as possible is shared with the community.

You can register and find out more via our wiki.

You can also contact Charlie van Genuchten if you have any questions about SIG-NOC and/or the forthcoming meeting in Utrecht.

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