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2nd Asi@Connect Call for Proposal – submission deadline: 12 November 2017

TEIN*CC issued the 2nd Asi@Connect Call for Proposals (CFP) to interested individuals and organisations who are willing to collaborate over the TEIN network and its peering networks.

The CFP is open to proposal submissions covering activities in 5 work packages (WPs) of the Asi@Connect project, which is funded by the European Union and 24 Asia-Pacific countries/economies:

– WP2: Capacity development of developing country NRENs
– WP3: Research and education network design & operations and associated capacity development
– WP4: Deployment of specialised network products, services and applications and associated capacity development
– WP5: Promoting Asi@Connect-enabled research and education collaboration for societal benefit
– WP6: Helping to bridge the digital divide in developing countries

The selected activities will be fully or partly supported by Asi@Connect according to each activity’s plan and implementing location. Full details of how to submit a proposal can be found at: The deadline for submission is 12 November 2017. For more inquiries:

TEIN*CC president Hyejoo Yoon commented: “The Asi@Connect call for proposals is a great opportunity for Asia-Pacific and the global R&E community to foster global co-prosperity and sustainable development by using the TEIN network. Since the closing of the 1st Call for Proposals last January, researchers and scientists in various fields have indicated a lot of interest in the next round of Call for Proposals. Asi@Connect will continue to support capacity development of developing countries and encourage more co-research activities for development of innovative applications.”

Results of Asi@Connect 1st CFP

As a result of the 1st CFP, TEIN*CC selected 12 activities among 52 proposals from 18 countries/economies such as capacity development programs for NRENs in developing countries, network security training, campus network management, eduroam, telemedicine, soundscape monitoring and tech-culture platforms. The selected activities are expected to fulfil the Asi@Connect project objective, thus enabling better collaboration between researchers worldwide. In particular, capacity development programs in Afghanistan and Bangladesh have allowed local network engineers to acquire practical skills and trainings. Please visit the Media Centre on the Asi@Connect website to find out more about these and other activities that resulted from the 1st call of proposals

Enabling better global cooperation

Asi@Connect marks the 4th phase of EU funding to the Trans-Eurasia Information Network (TEIN) programme which has successfully established a regional research and education connectivity network from scratch in 2004 and progressively expanded its geographical footprint over the years. During this new phase, greater emphasis is placed on delivering the project with increased involvement of additional partners within the Asia-Pacific R&E community.

Asi@Connect takes over the R&E backbone from TEIN4, the most recent phase in the TEIN initiative and continues to connect regional researchers with their counterparts in Europe via GÉANT, providing the Asia-Pacific countries with a gateway for global research collaboration. Asi@Connect receives €20 m in funding from the European Union up to 2021 and further funding from Asian partners.


Asi@Connect is managed by the regional networking organisation TEIN*Cooperation Center (TEIN*CC). TEIN*CC was established in Seoul, Korea, in 2011 as a non-profit Foundation Corporation for the management and operation of TEIN and its successive project phase Asi@Connect. TEIN*CC actively collaborates with other regional R&E network organisations around the world to provide better opportunities for research and education for the TEIN community. For more information, please visit, follow us on Twitter @AsiaConnectNews and Facebook@AsiaConnectProject

Submitted by TEIN*CC

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