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One AAI platform to support Life Science researchers

GÉANT, EGI and EUDAT joined forces to deliver an AARC Blueprint-compliant authentication and authorisation infrastructure to support all the 13 life science initiatives that cluster in the CORBEL project. The solution proposed by the three e-infrastructures is being piloted in the context of the AARC project. This is the first time that different research infrastructures active in the same field agreed on their AAI requirements and called for the e-infrastructures to deliver an AAI solution. This was also the first time that EGI, EUDAT and GÉANT collaborated to deliver and jointly operate a customised authentication and authorisation infrastructure.

In Nov 2017, the three main e-infrastructures, GÉANT, EGI and EUDAT answered a call for proposals from the life science research communities to deliver and operate a single AAI for them, as a more sustainable and cost-effective way to enable users’ access to life science services.

Submitted by Licia Florio

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