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System collects data to minimise climate change impact on the Amazon

The Amazon region is one of the ecosystems on the planet most affected by global climate change. Given the effects of these climate phenomena, a monitoring system was launched in Brazil, called SIPAMHidro. The system generates information to be used by the scientific community, public agencies, and by the general population. SIPAMHidro is operated by the Operational and Management Centre of the Amazon Protection System (Censipam), linked to the Ministry of Defence.

Due to connectivity difficulties in the Amazon, the responsible agency uses the Brazilian National Research and Educational Network RNP’s e-Science service, Cipó, which creates end-to-end circuits to use a direct data communications channel with the University of São Paulo. The service facilitates the daily work of researchers who require guaranteed bandwidth and better performance in data transfers where the time factor is critical. This is the case of the STARNET network, which carries out updates every five minutes.

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