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Federating access in the Asia Pacific region

The Australian Access Federation (AAF) has been working with APAN (Asia Pacific Advanced Network) to grow Identity Management federations in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. With 43 organisations currently participating in APAN, The AAF is providing thought leadership and support for identity federations in the APAC region. Since 2016 the AAF has been instrumental in assisting Hong Kong and Singapore to set up their national access federations and have been sharing knowledge and skills with the other APAN participants.

The AAF has actively promoted the rollout of eduGAIN in Asia Pacific, assisting Singapore in obtaining membership, and advising Hong Kong, New Zealand and China to participate in the global initiative as voting members and candidates. The AAF will continue to work with Australian subscribers to connect to eduGAIN and realise the full potential that eduGAIN can provide for them.

Submitted by Jacinta Rebelo

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