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The University of Salamanca hosted the 29th RedIRIS 2018 Technical Conference. More than 400 participants attended this year’s edition, including ICT experts, and network and IT service managers from RedIRIS-affiliated institutions, to exchange information and share experience. And more than 500 people participated online at the same time.

The event closed with the presentation “TCP and BBR” by Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist at APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre). You can find a recording of this presentation (in english) and a pdf document online.

The Technical Conference was preceded by RedIRIS Working Group sessions. During the session Annabel Grant, Senior Stakeholder Engagement Manager from GÉANT highlighted the importance of collaboration across European national research and education networks, international connectivity and presented GÉANT’s portfolio of services. In addition, on this occasion, apart from the usual sessions, on the day before the RedIRIS technical conference both RedIRIS and FCT organised the Spanish-Portuguese e-Science Workshop.

All the presentations are now available and recordings from the sessions.  See the full story.

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