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3rd Central Asian networking conference will take to the stage in Dushanbe

Following two previous successful editions, CRNC – the CAREN Regional Networking Conference –  has established itself as the annual gathering of the research and education networking community across Central Asia and neighbouring regions.


The EU-funded Central Asian regional CAREN network is a cornerstone of the Eurasian knowledge belt that stretches from Eastern Asia to Western Europe. Themed “CAREN: strengthening the Eurasian knowledge belt” this year’s edition, CRNC2018, aims to serve again as a platform for exchange and collaboration for key stakeholders across this very belt. CRNC2018 will be hosted by TARENA, the Tajik Research and Education Network Association, jointly with the Tajik Academy of Sciences, 23-24 October in the Tajik capital Dushanbe.

Over two days participants will hear about recent developments in advanced ICT services for research and higher education, stories from the field in the use of these advanced services and best practice in introducing ICT and network services at member institutions of the Central Asian NRENs.


CRNC2018 will also feature the award ceremony for the Central Asian edition of the internationally renowned Enlighten Your Research (EYR) science support programme to facilitate scientific collaborations where data needs require international network resources to accelerate research.


Find out more about CRNC2018.

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