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Tapping the potential of the Asian R&E community

With a substantial five-year EU-funding commitment of €20M until 2021, in additon to extending the geographical footprint of the TEIN network across Asia-Pacific, the focus of the Asi@Connect project is unequivocally on capacity building, application programmes to promote and increase network utilisation and towards new initiatives to tackle the digital divide in emerging countries – scaling up significantly similar activities initiated during previous project phases.

But how can local resources best be mobilised? Simple: providing funding opportunities through Call for Proposals (CFPs).

CFPs have established themselves as an effective delivery mechanism of Asi@Connect: to date, 2 CFPs were issued, which were met with an enthusiastic response by the R&E community in Asia and further afield – and tangible results were not long in coming!

Read the article in CONNECT to find out more about the impact of the CFPs so far.

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