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International researchers can now map the universe with Murchison

Located in the vast expanse of Western Australia, lies the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA), one of the world’s leading radio telescopes. Enabling astronomers from around the world to explore the universe, the MWA is a critical part of Australia’s astrophysical research infrastructure.

As an internationally accessible telescope, global collaboration is integral to the success of the MWA and researcher outputs. To ensure this collaboration is seamless and secure the MWA has connected to eduGAIN via the Australian Access Federation (AAF). Professor Melanie Johnston-Hollitt, MWA Director, said, ‘the eduGAIN connection is a vital service for an international collaboration like the MWA making it simple for our team of global researchers to access data from the telescope’.

Connecting the MWA to eduGAIN not only enhances and accelerates innovation in astrophysics, it enables borderless research.

Submitted by Jacinta Rebelo

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