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GÉANT Community Programme: a busy calendar ahead

Collaboration across teams in different geographic locations and disciplines is crucial to the GÉANT community. Task Forces (TFs) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) help GÉANT, NRENs and other research and education bodies to collaborate, share experience and guide future developments of networking services, technology and also a variety of non-technical topics.

Are you new to the community? Have you ever heard about the GÉANT Community Programme? Would like to learn more about the SIGs and TFs? Here’s an overview of some of these busy groups, their roles, plus dates and locations of their forthcoming meetings. While the holiday season is in full swing, most of these groups’ calendars are already full with events scheduled to take place after the summer break, giving all participants somethings exciting to look forward to after their vacations.

  • TF-CSIRT, the Computer Security Incident Response Teams that coordinate training, services​​​ and knowledge-exchange for security teams worldwide, will be meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania on 27-28 September.  This meeting is typically closed to Trusted Introducer registered teams, but if you are interested in knowing more please contact us or see the TF-CSIRT website.
  • TF-DPR, the Data Protection Regulation team that works​​ with NRENs to meet data protection regulation requirements, will be meeting on the 13 – 14 September in Munich.  This meeting will be a chance to look back on what has been achieved since GDPR came into effect in May 2018, whether it has changed our working practices and what has gone well…and less well.
  • SIG-ISM, the Information Security Management team that develops security expertise and excellence within the NREN community, will meet in Luxembourg on 15-16 October. Security awareness will be a strong theme at the meeting, as well as updates from the various SIG-ISM working groups and the GN4 project security team.
  • SIG-Marcomms, the Marketing Communications team of communications experts who share and collaborate on marketing, communications and public relations, will meet in Lisbon, Portugal on 26-28 September.
  • SIG-MSP, the Management of Serv​​​ice Portfolios team supporting management across the product life cycle and sharing service ideas, will meet in Belgrade, Serbia on 3-4 October.  MSP will be looking at service portfolios within NRENs, the impact of GDPR on services and the security requirements for NRENs.
  • SIG-N​​OC, the Network Operations​ Centre team that shares and creates common best practices for the organisation and management of Network Operations Centre will meet in Rome, hosted by GARR, on 21-22 November alongside SIG-NGN (New Generation Networks), that will host its first formal SIG meeting in the same week.
  • SIG-PMV, the Performance Monitoring and Verification team that identifies and establishes best practices for wired/wireless networks, will meet in Manchester, UK on 23-24 October.
  • SIG-​TNE, the Transnational Education​​ global team that addresses technological challenges in the delivery of international education, will meet on 7th August in Auckland, New Zealand during APAN46.
  • Finally we also welcome the return of the CLAW Crisis Management workshop – an opportunity to see how your NREN team would act in a crisis.  Join us for a crisis simulation, expert trainers and shared experience in Malaga on 12th – 13th November.

For further information on GÉANT Community, click here and if you are interested in joining any of these groups, please contact Nicole Harris.  The GÉANT Community also has a Slack workspace and supports channels for each of the Community Programme groups within those channels.  Why not sign up?

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