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Life at GÉANT – what makes GÉANT tick!

Life at GÉANT is an initiative to attract new talent: it provides a closer look at the people inside GÉANT’s organisation and what excites them about their working lives. Here’s the latest employee story to give you a flavour of this initiative.

Tina Van de Wall, Human Resources Manager, Amsterdam

‘Never a dull moment’

What do you do at GÉANT?
I am the only full time HR professional in the Amsterdam office, but I operate within a wider team based in Cambridge and feel as integral part of it and very included. It’s a great group of people made up of very enthusiastic and stimulating professionals: never a dull moment in our department! Communication is fluid and consistent as we use all available channels to stay in touch and make sure we meet face to face on a regular basis too. One of my most important objectives is to help recruit a highly competent and self-motivated work-force that embraces GÉANT’s vision and mission with a refreshing and passionate outlook.

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