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CLAW – A crisis management workshop that puts NRENs to the test

How well is your organisation prepared for a network or cyber crisis? Do you have crisis management procedures in place? Do you know who should be involved when crisis hits? And do you know how to reach out to – and work with – other organisations, in the eventuality of a pan-European crisis? To help you answer these questions we are planning a crisis simulation exercise, undoubtedly the most exciting part of CLAW and, to whet your appetite, here’s a brief overview of what it will entail.

Picture the NREN of an imaginary European country whose crisis management team needs to deal with an unexpected and urgent security problem. Information starts pouring in about a serious and unexplained situation, universities from around the country are calling, demanding answers and raising alarms, the crisis is rapidly escalating and high profile government representatives start to get involved … The team will have to investigate the crisis, formulate updates and statements for employees, clients and the media whilst trying to solve the complex issue at the same time. Are you intrigued? Are you starting to feel the pressure? Do you want to find out more?

Click here for CLAW’s full programme.

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