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OIDCFed – F2F JWTConnect OIDC libraries code walk trough @NDN2018

This is a face-to-face code walk through inside the JWTConnect OIDC libraries.

Roland Hedberg, creator of the libraries, will give an overview on the architecture as well as a practical examples of relying parties implementation.


Understand the architecture of the JWTConnect OIDC libraries. Be able to implement your own OIDC Relying Party using the JWTConnect OIDC libraries.


Overview on the architecture of the JWTConnect OIDC libraries. The libraries were firstly commissioned by Google and has now been donated to the OpenID Foundation. The libraries are available for the Pyhton, Java and Javascript programming languages. While each library is specific to each language, the architecture is the same. During the code walk through, it will be shown what is the role of each module and how they interact together to build a service.


There will also be an hands-on part during witch will be given a practical example on how to implement an OIDC relying party using the libraries. The practical code examples will be based on the JWTConnect OIDC Python library implementation.

Places are limited so click here to register

Many thanks to the 30th NORDUnet Conference that will host the code walk through.

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