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Redouane Merrouch: the man behind the Moroccan network MARWAN

MARWAN’s recent connection to GÉANT via a 1Gbps ASREN link marks Morocco’s re-joining the international R&E networking community with the support of the EU-funded AfricaConnect2 project.

CONNECT 30 caught up with MARWAN’s Head, Redouane Merrouch, at the Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique and Technique (CRNST) in Rabat. As a man of the first hour of R&E networking in the Mediterranean, Redouane provided insight into the meaning of this reconnection for his country and for collaborative research in the Mediterranean – and further afield.

“It won’t always be plain sailing, but we are determined to place our researchers and students in the best position to leave a mark – both nationally and internationally”.

Read the full interview with Redouane in CONNECT 30.

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