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Corsa Technology protects SCinet with ‘software defined network security’

Corsa Technology, the leader in scaling network security, is super proud to unveil a first-ever Corsa software-defined security perimeter for SCinet, the fastest and most powerful network in the world for the duration of SuperComputing 2018.  SCinet offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for exhibitors to showcase the capabilities of their applications and other emerging technologies and needs to be thoroughly and completely protected from public Internet security threats.

Corsa Red Armor network security appliances sit in-line on 10G Internet links arriving at SCinet’s perimeter, and act as programmable filters to remove illegitimate traffic in real-time.  A cloud-based, multi-vendor security stack, including commercial honeypot, BRO IDS, and advanced analytics, operates continuously to identify problematic traffic and alerts Corsa on-the-fly to block that traffic from entering, or leaving, SCinet. This gives SCinet real-time, automated control of filtering traffic on the commodity link which dramatically improves the integrity of SCinet at no extra effort.

Indeed, this is software-defined network security!  Corsa is a Silver SCinet Sponsor exhibiting at booth #3043 and welcomes the GÉANT community to drop by and learn about Corsa’s involvement in SCinet.


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