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Norse mythology inspires robust approach to securing digital infrastructure in Sweden

Today most parts of Sweden’s digital crisis infrastructure are physically located in Stockholm. Such centralisation makes the infrastructure vulnerable to attacks, specifically in case of war. This is why the Swedish research and education network SUNET has teamed up with critical infrastructure support provider Netnod to develop a robust and de-centralised approach to securing Sweden’s communications system.

Dubbed Project Särimner, the endeavour aims to devise solutions to distribute information in such a way that parts of Sweden can continue to operate autonomously even if contact with Stockholm is lost. The goal is – in case of war – to provide stable and secure exchange of traffic between national operators, and to be able to distribute information at extreme stress to Swedish citizens.

The project name is inspired by a pig in Norse mythology that never disappears, even if you have him for dinner every day – alluding to the resilience of the communications infrastructure the project sets out to develop.


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