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The first ever MoRENet conference: new services, technologies and ICT management

On 10-11 December, the Mozambique NREN MoRENet held its first conference in the country’s capital city Maputo. The event was addressed to the directors of MCTESTP (members of the Minister’s Advisory and Technical Council), university rectors and vice-rectors, general directors for the administrative area and computer technicians, national and international cooperation partners, different service providers, national and international networks and representatives of MoRENet’s National Research and Education Network (NREN).

About 200 attendees gathered at the Gloria AFECC Hotel, and discussed their challenges and discoveries over the course of two days. In addition to local participants, there was a good amount of global presence such as representatives from the Brazilian NREN RNP, the Portugese NREN FCCN, pan-European GÉANT, UK-based Encyclopaedia Britannica, the Dutch Elsevier and more. A great combination of topics were discussed, ranging from infrastructure to science engagement.

The main aims of the conference were:

  • To consolidate an inter-institutional environment conducive to the discussions and maturity of issues of relevance in the areas of health, tourism, agriculture, science, technology, education and innovation using the use of ICTs;
  • To build a common and innovative vision for the future that contributes to the use of information technology in education, academic research and the management of public and institutional policies;
  • To establish a communication channel between the beneficiary institutions of the MoRENet services and the different organisations, researchers, governments and companies.

Dimple Sokartara, Communications Officer at GÉANT, contributed by sharing knowledge on communications and outreach from a GÉANT perspective on the second day of the conference. The aim of this presentation was to introduce the ‘twin-track approach’ which realises the importance of functional as well as impactful content and joins these two, to be able to convey relevant messages for the diversity of audiences.

Congratulations for a great first conference, MoRENet team!

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