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Networking Performing Arts Production Workshops 2019

The Network Performing Arts Production Workshops (NPAPWs) is an annual gathering of artists, students, academic administrators and technologists exploring the use of interactive media in arts education and performance. Explore prominent use cases, experience live performances leveraging advanced networks, and meet the principal institutions and individuals pushing these technologies forward. NPAPW is sponsored by GÉANT and Internet2.

While networking may make you think of scientists in labs or IT experts in operation centres, there are many disciplines that are influenced by it, including the arts and humanities, social sciences, and other cultural areas. With this in mind, Internet2 identified the potential of using advanced networks for arts and humanities and began bringing technicians, academics, and artists together. A few years later, the European R&E networking association, then known as TERENA (now GÉANT), found themselves in a similar situation. Since 2009, the NPAPW have annually been held in Europe and the United States, bringing the stakeholders and audiences together to create magic!

Curious to read more about the workshops? Find all there is to know on the NPAPW website. From more background information, past workshops to learning material, and not to forget the programme of this year’s edition. The NPAPW 2019 event will be hosted at the beautiful Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, on April 2-4.

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