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Fighting cybercrime in the research and education sector

Universities are attractive targets for threat actors interested in obtaining intellectual property. In addition to being more difficult to secure than heavily regulated finance or healthcare organisations, universities are known to develop cutting-edge research and attract global researchers and students. The widespread spoofing of login pages to steal credentials reinforces the need for organisations to incorporate sound protective measures on publicly accessible systems.

NRENs play an important part in protecting universities and research facilities from phishing-attempts, DDoS attacks, ransomware, and much more. In Norway, for example, Uninett CERT, the incident response team for the Norwegian research and education sector, continuously works to prevent, discover and handle cyber incidents in the national R&E community. Prevention includes e.g. threat assessment, analysing vulnerabilities and monitoring network traffic.

Read the full story on the In The Field blog to find out more about Uninett’s activities in strengthening cybersecurity in the R&E sector. 

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