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Asi@Connect project on a roadshow

Catalysing the support of national stakeholders is crucial for the success of a regional networking project. That is why networking organisation TEIN*CC, which manages the EU-funded Asi@Connect project, has teamed up with partner NRENs across Asia to stage a series of national project launch events in participating beneficiary countries.

National project launches provide a unique opportunity to help secure buy-in from local key stakeholders, such as high-level government officials, funding bodies such as European Union Delegations, NREN member institutions, current and prospective network users, as well as opinion formers. The overall objective is to introduce the project, showcase relevance and benefits to the national user communities and society at large, and encourage project involvement through participation in calls for proposals and in global collaborative R&E projects.

Following the success of the first leg of the ‘roadshow’ in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Thailand, during the course of 2019 further national launches are planned to take place in Vietnam, Pakistan, Bhutan, Cambodia and Myanmar.

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