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Linking staff and students in Malta to IT services in London

Ensuring comparable experience of students based in Malta with those in London

For Queen Mary University of London, of which the medical school is a part, there were four key goals:

  • providing an equivalent student experience including ‘real-time’ teaching
  • ensuring continuity of service
  • delivering this to a tight deadline in order for the campus to open on time
  • offering flexibility in the solution to meet future requirements

“We needed robust and reliable connectivity, linking our staff and students in Malta to IT services in London – such as business applications, curriculum delivery and the virtual learning environment (VLE).” Engagement with the Jisc transnational education (TNE) programme team was a key part of Queen Mary’s robust and lengthy planning process. Using their 30 years’ experience in education and research connectivity, and their strong global partner relations, Jisc was able to identify a solution: providing connectivity from London to Malta via GÉANT, the pan-European network allowing Queen Mary in Malta, to ‘plug into’ an existing robust and resilient international network in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Want to learn more on how Jisc’s Transnational Education programme team made connectivity from both cities run smoothly? And how the GÉANT network was involved? Read the full story on our newest In The Field blog post.

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